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to get the rock on ps3 smackdown vs raw go on options click cheat codes and write in

The Great One

note: this is only for ps3 urr i think

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How do you unlock Layla from smack down vs raw 2010?

i dont think you have to unlock her, or if shes not there you cant unlock her, you only unlock legends

How can I unlock Eddie Guerrero on Smack vs RAW 2010?

you can't unlock Eddie Guerrero on smack down vs raw 2010

What legends are in smack down versus raw 2010?

No one other then the Rock who is unlockable

Can you unlock seamus on smack down vs raw 2010?

how do you unlock seamus on smackdown raw 2010Type your answer here...

How do you unlock the rock in smack down vs raw 2010?

Complete edges road to wrestlemainia

How do you unlock shemus on smack down vs raw 2010?

There is no Sheamus unlockable on Smackdown vs Raw 2010. You have to create him.

How do you unlock stone cold Steve Austin in smack down vs raw 2010?

you hafe to beat john cena saga then you unlock him

How do you unlock Natalya's attire in smack down vs raw 2010?

You play the Mickie James road to wrestlemania and do whatever that tells you. You should eventualy unlock it.

How do you unlock Drew McIntyre on smack down vs raw 2010?

Can't. Hve to create CAW or Dowload CAW.

In smack down vs raw what are the legends entrances?

they come in the miny ring down to the ring

How do you unlock stone cold in smack down vs raw 2010?

pre-order the game at gamestop on ps3 or xbox 360

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