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there are no cheat 2 unlock sabu but if u have sandman,tommy dreamer,terry funk u have 2 beat all of them 2 get sabu and go to and cheat they'll tell u how 2 get him

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Just Buy Him For 220 Dollars

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Q: How do you unlock sabu in svr 2008?
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What WWE games have sabu in them?

svr 2008 (incs all of ecw)

How do you get into a fatal four way ecw extereme rules match with sabu Tommy dreamer and sandman?

on svr 2009 u have to unlock sabu

Can you unlock the Nexus on svr 2008?

No, they're not in the game.

Where could you unlock hornswoogle in svr 2008 for xbox 360?

You Cant Unlock Him He Is Not On This Game.

Can you unlock Brian Kendrick on svr 2008?

No but you can find instructions to make him online

How do you unlock armando estrada on svr 2008 ps2?

Just use gameshark or codebreaker

How do you unlock little bastard in svr 2008 for the ps2?

=You Can't ulock Bastatd for 2008, they need more Characters.=

Can you unlock gms in SvR 2011?

You can't unlock any gms in svr 2011.

Can you unlock Beth phoenix in SVR 2008?


Can you unlock maria in svr 2008?

You must have a Gameshark or other cheat device. Gameshark: 0043E242 00000001

How do you unlock sin cara in svr 2011?

he's not in svr 2011

How do you unlock carlito on svr 2011?

You can't unlock him he is a creatable he was released in 2010 thats why he post to be created on svr 2011