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How do you unlock sheamus on wrestlefest premium?


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enter the code sheamus

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there is no sheamus you have to MAKE him

Sheamus is not in the game so u cant unlock it but u can make him as caw

You can't unlock his theme on 2010

You can unlock sheamus but it depends on what version of the game you have, and if you beat all the road to wrestlemanias and all the road to wrestlemaina challenges.NO! You can not unlock Sheamus.You can't. He's not in the game, but he is on the next game, smackdown vs raw 2011.You can't. He's not in the game.

you cant he is not in svr 2010

You can't. He's not in the game.

You can't as he isn't an unlockable character.

he isn't on the game go to caws .ws and click svr10 caws and you can find a good sheamus for ps3

You have to beat Sheamus' Road to Wrestlemania then Triple H will come in and attack Sheamus then you start the OutSider Story and if you beat all of it you will have The Rock.

Sheamus is already in the game and doesn't need to be unlocked and if you wan't to use his Irish kick when red for finisher you run and then press the finnisher button.

you cant. they made svr 10 before sheamus was in wwe

I believe you have to get a premium account

u av to deafeat john cena 5 times hoped dis heled

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There is no Sheamus unlockable on Smackdown vs Raw 2010. You have to create him.

prete mutch every one that was befor 2010 and that havent quit do i am not so shure about sheamus

Sheamus is not married.

Where did you live sheamus

Sheamus is from Dublin, Ireland.

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No, Sheamus does not have any kids.

No sheamus he deosnt have a son or daughter

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