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How do you unlock the third world in Shopping Cart Hero 3?

i dont know find it your self you lazy sh** A.M.E.N

What are some games like shopping cart hero?

Learn to Fly is a game similar to Shopping Cart Hero.

Are there good games like shopping cart hero?

No there is no game called shopping cart hero ----Shopping Cart Hero is on line from kongregate. There are many like this on the world wide web. It just needs some very careful searching to find them. manay are held inside social networking sites

Is there any cheats for shopping cart hero?

yes there is some cheats for shopping cart hero at http://www.mostfungames.com/game-cheat.aspx?game_id=3209

How do you unlock the snowman's head in Shopping Cart Hero 3?

You use your bat to hit snowman heads off of 15 snowmen.

How do you get the gold cart in shopping cart hero?

u gotta have the baseball bat and then u buy it

How do you unlock the shark on shopping cart hero 3?

When you defeat the dinosaur you unlock a whip, use the whip on the penguins on the ice level and they drag you underwater, hit the missiles back at the shark and defeat it.

What do you have to do in shopping cart hero?

upgrade your shopping card and see how far you can go. its a fun game :)

Cheats for shopping cart hero?

height :200.7 and for distance :401.2

Is there a shopping cart hero 3?

No, but some time they might make it.

How do you pass shopping cart hero?

you can never pass it as it is an ongoing game.

Are there cheat codes for shopping cart hero?

click space bar for it to do everything for you

How do you save a game on shopping cart hero 2?

it automatically saves your game

How do you get premium items in shopping cart hero 2?

You run them over with your trater'.

Is shopping cart hero for kids?

The game "Shopping Cart Hero" is more of a teenagers game, when you crash your cart, a animation of blood flows out of the characters head, but strangely, the character still lives. Also, you can buy this thing called "groupies", which are basically girls in their teen age

What is the cheats to shopping cart hero 2?

No, you just need alot of money to get the accessories

In Shopping Cart Hero 2 how do you kill the monkey?

You fling the bannans back at him with the bat.

Will there be Shopping Cart Hero 3?

Maybe. No one really knows. Hope I helped!

What is the highest score on Shopping Cart Hero?

999,999,999 by "Everyone Below Me Is Gay" from America

Is there a shopping cart hero 3 game out?

Yes, it costs 69p on the apple app store

Where do you get the whip in shopping cart hero 3 iPod touch?

Beat the game and you will be able to buy it

Are there any games similar to Shopping Cart Hero?

Yes. I know of one, and it is called "learn to fly". It is alot like shopping cart hero, but instead of a stick man, you are a penguin. In this online flash game, you can buy gliders and rockets to help propel you to victory.

What are the games similar to the shopping cart hero?

i only know of one other and that's potty racers

What are shopping cart hero cheats?

Well if I tell you that would be cheating. I do not cheat. NEVER EVER CHEAT!

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