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When you finish the 13th or 14th mission. I cant remember.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-30 12:58:37
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Q: How do you unlock the blade power on prototype?
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Is it possible to combine claws and the blade in the game Prototype?

no, but you don't needed it if you have the armor on with your blade.

How do you unlock the lightning bolt blade in fruit ninja?

To get the lightning bolt blade, you have to get 10000 starfruit.Since its a elite blade you have to use starfruit to unlock it.

How do you take out claws in prototype?

You have to obtain the claw power first, which you do by doing missions until you unlock it. Once you have it, look at your power wheel and it should be the icon at the very center top.

When was Power Blade created?

Power Blade was created in 1991.

When did Power Blade happen?

Power Blade happened in 1991.

How do you unlock the firecracker blade on fruit ninja?

You have to buy it.

How do you unlock every blade in fruit ninja?

Get 1 million

How do you make your guardian blade change into the blade of awe?

you can't make it change in to it, you unlock the blade of awe by collecting pieces by random battles, as long as your a guardian and patient you will get the blade in no time.

You cant unlock aizen in bleach the blade of fate?

Complete Soifon's story mode. Then you will unlock aizen as a playable character.

How do you unlock blue falcon?

In SFF (Super Smash Flash) to unlock "Blue" you must complete Adventure on Very Hard with Blade. You then have to defeat Blue and then you will unlock him.

How do you unlock blade veteran on modern warfare 2?

by stabbing alot of people 50 people for blade veteren and 250 for blademaster

What are the cheat codes for jucied on ps2?

Unlock Prototype modsGet 1,500 respect points from all CPU characters to unlock all Prototype mods. Unlock All CarsTo unlock all cars in career mode, you have to race for about 3-4 months without skipping any of the races.To unlock all cars in custom mode you have to beat all the arcade series, including the extreme nitrous series.Unlock CrewmembersYou unlock crew members by gaining respect with the corresponding crews:

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