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Usually there are six locks on the box, for every one of your friends that joins Happy Pets, one lock disappears. You have to post Happy Pet things on your wall and on your friends walls to get them to join. And once all the locks are unlocked a special pet comes out and is yours to keep.

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You automatically get a trapped pet, but to unlock it, you have to have a different friend each time click on it. So usually there are seven locks, that means you need seven frineds that play Happy Pets.

you have to pay some facebook money or have like 15 neighbours

how to restart your happy pets

how do you do insta grow on happy pets

Play happy pets & Happy aquarium on the same Facebook account and it should work.

Happy Pets is a game on facebook where you adopt and take care of pets, you feed them, pet them and watch them grow!

You don't because nobody really cares about "Happy Pets"

You dont marry your pets, you just mate them.

ask the Q on Facebook and Lila Dot will answer you (expert)

Yes. Just type in 'happy pet cheats' on Google.

No, I scanned it many times and there is no viruses...

Well....If you have a facebook it probably won't do that. If you don't, GET ONE!!!

Sorry i don't think you can, but you can always save it for when you get more pets...

Happy Pets is a game on Facebook where you can adopt pets, earn coins and take care of them. Right now, you can adopt cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, rabbits, ferrets, and a lot of other varieties of different pets. Unlike some other games, on Happy Pets your pets do not die ever. You have to feed them and change heir litter boxes to keep them happy. You can pet them, train them, and also make them mate with each other. Happy pets is a very fun game and I play it all the time.

If you want facebook credits you need to pay for the credits. I'm so sorry!

Make a new facebook. theres no way to rset it

It often changes. Sometimes there are dogs or iguanas or cats.

yea many actually a favorite of mine is the happy aqarium and happy pets and zoo kingdom great games!

you can either pay to do it or just wait i am sorry its not that good an answer

There's a food can in the bottom you grab it and then click on the rabbit.

happy live for pets happy live for pets happy live for pets happy live for pets happy live for pets happy live for pets happy live for pets

Well u just ask for one. A gift from your friends on Facebook.

When you are playing your game, there are several tabs at the head of the screen. One of them says 'neighbours', so click that and your friend's name will show up.

To sell objects on HappyPets: Click the no longer wanted object. Then a small menu will pop up. There Will be arrows, coins, and other things depending on the object. Click the coins. then sell it you done :) Some things you can't sell, like the piggy bank or trapped pets.

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