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How do you unlock the wifi on the zeepad?

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Can Zeepad be connected to home broadband?

Yes Zeepad can be connected to your home broadband. Just open the wifi networks application, search for a wireless network and choose zeepad, Enter the password when prompted and it should connect.

How do you recover password for zeepad 4.2 9XN?

To recover the password for Zeepad 4.2 9XN, simply click on the forgot the password option and follow the preceding steps.

In Transformers how to unlock G1 characters in autobots and decepticons ds version?

Get 2500 wifi tokens Get 2500 wifi tokens

What is a password that unlock all wifi?

Admin or Tech BY Eric Chaparro

How can you use aim with wifi blackberry?

There is no way you can. But i do have a solution. You can unlock your blackberry app world then download im+ and use that for aim with WIFI. For more instructions on how to unlock blackberry app world email me at

How do you unlock free internet on phones?

The only "free" internet is turning on your phones WiFi is it's WiFi capable like all smartphones.

If you have WiFi for Wii how do you get it to unlock on your ds?

you have to enter it on your ds to by going to network settings

How come it says no WiFi on your iPod touch?

wifi is wireless internet;so you may not be in rang of a connection which is you go to settings then safari you will find able unlock connections.

How do you unlock starscream in transformers?

Either go to the Target Download station or get 2500 Wifi-Tokens

How do you get a key to unlock a house in canalave city in Pokemon pearl?

through the darkrai wifi event

How do you unlock sausekay with out WiFi in Naruto path of ninja 2?

you beat every character in order

How do you unlock a wifi signal?

You can only unprotect ('unlock') a Wi-Fi signal by changing the settings on the computer connected to the router, using the router's software on that computer.

How do you unlock Samsung Admire SCH-r720?

How do you unlock my Metro Samsung Admire SCH-r720? I am trying to use it as a wifi hot spot Save

How do you unlock Sasuke on Naruto path of the ninja 2?

you have to have a wifi battle and then go the man left of anko

Where can you get the jet on transformers autobots ds?

you cant scan it anywhere you have to join wifi and and get enough coins to unlock it

What are some Mario Kart WiFi cheats?

unlock dry bones Yoshi complete leaf cup 100c

What are the words you put to unlock mystery events on Pokemon ruby?

"everyone happy" for the first question, and "wifi connection" for the second.

How do you unlock mii outfit c for mariokart wii?

Get 15000 points on WIFI or do 3230 time trails. Its gonna be hard.

How do you unlock wifi trading in platinum?

The Global Terminal is located in Jubalife City. Once you reach there, the rest is explained in-game.

Is Meloeta a Unova pokemon?

Yes, Meloetta is an Unovan Pokémon, but you can only unlock her via WiFi events or an Action Replay

Mario kart how to unlock new karts and people?

To unlock karts and characters, you can get them by doing Grand Prixs or Time Trials, or winning lots of wifi races. Or, you can simply play the game alot.

How do you unlock locked wifi?

The WIFI access point will have management software installed. You should contact the manufacturer of your hardware for the best information or post a more specific question including the brand, model and version of your wireless appliance.

For Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobilized how do you unlock the weapons on multiplayer?

you have to get kills on your friends or on wifi the more kills the more guns

How do you unlock guns in multiplayer in cod modern warfare mobilized on ds?

you have to get kills on your friends or on wifi the more kills the more guns

Does the iPhone 3g come with internet?

No you must purchase a data package from AT&T for $40.00, no excuses with them. But if you unlock it you do not have to pay for internet as long as you have wifi were you are