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Sorry but Wario is not in the game

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Q: How do you unlock wario in super Mario galixy 2?
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Are there videos to unlock wario on new super Mario bros?

Wario is not in New Super Mario Bros.

How do you unlock wario in Mario galaxy?

Wario isn't in the super Mario galaxy series

How do you unlock wario on new Super Mario Brothers 2?

It's impossible. You cannot unlock Wario.

How do you unlock any characters besides Mario Yoshi luigi and wario in Super Mario 64 DS?

you can unlock luigi detective.

How do you unlock wario and luigia on super Mario 64 ds?

You unlock wario by using Luigi's power go into the wario painting and finish the mission and if you're talking about waluigi he is not playable

How do you get Wario on Mario super slugers?

how do you get wario on Mario super slugers

How do you unlock wario in new Super Mario Bros?

yes beat the game there should be a cannon go in it you come back as wario

How do you get metal cap on super Mario 64?

Unlock Wario and get the flower power in levels and you are metal.

Is Wario in Super Mario galaxy 2?

No, Wario is not in either Super Mario Galaxy game.

How do you unlock all event matches in Super Smash Bros Melee?

is wario in Mario galaxy two

How do you unlock wario Mario super sluggers?

Save him from top of a building {you need donkeykong to climb vine}

Is Luigi on super Mario 64?

If you are talking about Super Mario 64 for Nintendo ds The answer is yes. If you beat alot of levels (i forgot which level) you can unlock luigi but it takes practice. You can unlock wario too.