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you dont unscrew the rivets you drill them out and replace them with a screw iv been fixing them for years

Drill them out then try replacing them with screws, since nobody seems to carry window rivets but the dealer who charges ridiclous prices for four bloody rivets...

Additional InfoThe rebuilt window motor I got at NAPA had 4 bolts to fasten the motor to the regulator and 4 large rivets to fasten the regulator back to the door, all included in the box ($65). Now all I need is a really big rivet gun (these are too big for a standard rivet tool, like the one I have. If you do get one in, you have to disassemble the rivet gun to get it back out.)
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Q: How do you unscrew the rivets from a window motor on a 96 firebird?
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How do I change the power window motor on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird?

The motor is mounted with rivets, you must drill out the rivets. The bolt must be short enough so that the window arms will not touch, this will cause the window to not go up or down all the way.

How do you replace a power window motor on a 1995 Pontiac Firebird?

How do you replace a power window motor on a 1995 Pontiac Firebird? Oh man... this is the same problem with my wifes F150. If you drill through the inner door sheet metal or plastic you can access the final of three rivets. To remove the motor you have to drill out the rivets. Get a rebuilt motor for about $80 (ouch) and reassemble with the nuts and bolts that were included in the box, that replace the rivets. I think I had to cut the wires and solder up the original connector to the motr. The wires were color coded. You can try to remove the window and regulator as an asembly.. but you would be a fool. Drill. It'll take you under a half hour.

How can you replace the window motor on a 97 Cavalier convertible since it appears that the motor is held in place with rivets?

You will have to drill out the rivets. When reinstalling you can use bolts and nuts if you don't have rivets.

How do you replace achieva power window motor?

Remove the window regulator assembly from the door.Remove the motor from the regulator by drilling out the attaching rivets with a 3/16 in. drill bit.Connect the window motor to the regulator with 3/16 in. rivets.Install the window regulator assembly.

If removeing window motor on firebird do you have to remove window and regulator?

Depending on the year, 92 through 97. Yes! The motor is riveted to the regulator. You must remove as a unit, drill a hole in regulator arm and insert a bolt and nut to keep from springing back. Then drill out rivets to motor replace motor with bolts and remove bolt in regulator arm.

How do you remove a window motor from a 1993 Chevrolet 1500 pickup?

you have to drill out the rivets

How do you get the window motor and gearbox out of a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis?

The motors were installed with rivets at the factory. You need to use a drill and drill out the rivets to remove the motor. The replacement motors come with screws and bolts to replace the rivets.

How do you replace a power window motor on a 1990 corvette?

door panel will have to come off and more than likely the motor has rivets holding it in place so the complete window regulator will have to be taken out of the door and the rivets drilled out to get the motor off and then reinstall new motor with bolts and nuts.

How do you remove a window motor on a Chevrolet truck?

to remove the window motor you have to drill out the rivets and replace them with a standard screw and nut and making sure that the screw is not to long.

Where is the window motor on a 1993 ford explorer?

Inside the door.. usually held on by large rivets.

How do you change the power window motor assembly in a 1995 mercury grand marquis?

You don't let some else do it. I say this from experience on a 2004 The motor is separate I used the old motor and replaced the regulator. I had to drill out rivets OH ya I BROKE the window drilling out the rivets that hold the window onto the regulator. after that I reattached the motor assembly with bolts and nylon lock nuts. then went to a glass shop to have the window replaced.

Where can you buy 1999 firebird window motors?

i bought my window motor from advance auto, they give a year warranty. take the old motor with you for core charge

How do you replace just a window regulator not the motor?

You have to drill the rivets on the motor separating it from the regulator. The new motor then mounts to the regulator and you insert the new bolts where the riverts were.

Can you roll up the window manually on a powered window until you get a new motor for a Ford Windstar?

Depending what year your windstar is, it may have rivets holding the window to the motor. You have to drill them out to detach the window. I removed the motor and regulator and pulled the window up and propped it with wood until my motor came in. Now they have the motor/regulator combo aftermarket at Autozone for $69.

How do you change the power window motor on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Remove the window regulator and motor from the door as an assembly. Drill out rivets that hold motor to regulator and replace motor. Regulator needs to be riveted back into door for reassembly

How do you replace the driver side window motor on a 1993 Saturn SL1?

The outer and inner door panels on the door must come off. FRom there you have access to the rivets holding the motor to the door. Break the rivets and replace with the new motor. The new motor should come with bolts if from the dealer.

How do you change the window motor on 01 Xterra with electric windows Does it use bolts nuts or rivets?

all bolts

How do you remove a riveted window lift motor on a 2001 cavalier?

You have to drill out the rivets. a replacement motor will come with bolts and nuts to go back together

How much is a window motor for a 00 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

The cost isin't to great, but, the pain comes with the installation. Drilling the rivets,removing the window,removing the window regulator,then the window motor and then replacing it all back to where it was. Expect a few cuts and scrapes....

How do you replace a power window motor on a 1991 Pontiac Firebird?

1. remove door panel trim. The regulator is riveted to the power window motor, with 3 large rivets. Three other large rivets atatch this whole assy to the inside of the door. It is important to drill out the rivets holding the regulator /and motor to the door, and leaving the motor attached to the regulator, because the regulator has a heavy spring that will be released if the rivets are removed. To separate the regulator and motor you need to drill a hole in the regulator arm, and place a nut and bolt through the hole, at a point that will keep the spring compressed once the motor is removed. Now that the regulator is secure, the rivets on the motor can be drilled out, and motor separated. The new motor needs to be bolted onto the regulator, or riveted. The factory rivets are large, and it is doubtfull you will find such large rivets, or a rivet gun for that purpose, so stick with bolts and nuts. reinstall the complete assy, and again bolt in the whole assy inside the door. bolts and nuts are a real pain in the butt to use in such a confined space, but again rivets of such a large size are hard to find, along with a real large rivet gun. I reccommend using nylon locking nuts so they will not come loose after a certain amount of time and vibration. A set of rubber door stops is also usefull in holding the window glass in the up position while work is being done. You will find a rivet gun that size at Habor Freight cheap china made but will do the trick.

How do you get at the window motor in a 95 Camaro right side door after removing the panel There is an inner metal panel in the way?

You have to drill out the rivets in that panel to take out the motor

How do you change the window motor in 94 Saturn sl2?

you need to take off the inner and outer door panels. the motor is secured by rivets, you need to drill them out

What does the spring do in a 91 firebird window mechanism?

If your talking the spring on a power window it helps raise the window when you activate the power window so it takes some stress off the motor.

Pontiac firebird 98 power window doesnot work well?

Change the motor. These cars are notorious for this.

How do you change the window regulator on 1996 camaro?

you have to drilll out the rivets there should be 3 of them then pull the old motor and regulator out replace it and use either self tapping screws or new rivets to secure it