How do you update the mobile phone?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: How do you update the mobile phone?
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How do you upgrade Windows Mobile 5 to 6?

depending on the phone you have, the phone's manufacturer or Carrier should provide an update

How do you format LG cookie plus mobile?

go to and update ur phone

How do you upgrade software from samsung GT-B7722 mobile?

Go into your phone's Settings. Select the About Phone option. Then select Software Update from that menu, There you will find an option for Check for Update. By selecting this option, your phone will check for updates and give you the option to update and install.

How do you upgrade Nokia 2730 classic mobile phone?

by the nokia suite software theres an update choice

Where can someone find an update for Blackberry OS?

There are a couple of places to find an update for Blackberry OS. An update can be found directly from a person's phone by finding and selecting the option to check for updates. An update can also be found by visiting the software download site of the person's mobile phone carrier.

Can you update your iPhone's software using someone else's computer?

Yes you can. If your phone won't update its software over the mobile-phone network, simply connect it to any PC and access the web-site of your service provider for software updates.

Why your mobile samsung c3222 is always saying downloaded jar is invalid?

Your phone may need an update. You can go into your account to find out how to do this or visit your cell phone provider.

Is it true that you can communicate with someone through the new PSP slim with a certain update just like a mobile phone?

Yes just update to firmware to 3.95 & it should be under network

How can you update my Android mobile phone LG-gw620 TO New android verison some one Help?

Go to LG service center.

Is mobile phone an adverb?

Mobile phone is not an adverb. It's a noun.

How can I reformat a Sony Ericsson phone?

Sony Ericsson PC Suite can be used to update your mobile phone's software to the latest version. This will only work if the existing software version on your phone is older than the latest version.

Give the best introduction of disadvantages of mobile phone to the student?

mobile phone can use for everthing . However ,mobile phone have disadvantanges. By using a mobile phone . we use the mobile phone to communicate or browsing the internet .the disadvantages by using a mobile phone is we always waste the time with the mobile phone to play a game or when the mobile phone have internet , we do not do anythings just sit and play .