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you can't.

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Q: How do you upgrade the hatchery in Dragon City for free?
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How can you get free upgrade on Dragon Fable?

you cant without hacking

How do you get exclusive dragon in dragon city?

Dragon city is one of my fav game, and I have downloaded that from premiumapkspot .com and I hope you ll get that too for free, with all premium features.

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what!!!!you think the people give you the upgrade card pin inyour dreams!!!!!!! i will recomand to go to this site and sing up complete offers and redeem your points for an ultimate upgrade card and with the pin by a dragon amulet and for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you breed a legendary dragon on Dragon City?

you can breed some legendary Pokemon with ditto but the rest you cant

How do you get lava island for free Dragon City?

just buy it or hack

How do you breed a fluorescent dragon on Dragon City?

based on its apperence i think you can get it for free by breeding a blizzard dragon and a electric dragon or maybe its a electric dragon and a ice dragon one of those i think.

Is an Mech Quest upgrade card gives you a free upgrade?

please give me a free star captain upgrade

Free dragon fable upgrade card number that hasn't been used?

You need to buy your own, nobody will give you one. Sorry. -Brandon

What is security code for Dragon City hack?

There is no free security or working code for the Dragon City Hack Tool 2.2 1V. When the game developers find out there is a hack, they change the code on the game.

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i wanna free upgrade

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No, you cannot "legally" upgrade an account on AQWorlds for free.

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