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you have to solve the problem with the generator and get it from the team rocket member who is probably Russian

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How do you get the radio upgrade in Pokemon Soul silver?

after restoring the power from the power plant, go to the radio tower in kanto and talk to the guy in the suit, he will give you an upgrade for the radio app, then talk to the guy on the bottom right in the room and he will upgrade you radio

In what floor do you get the radio upgraded in your pokegear in soul silver?

Go to lavender town and talk to the man inside and he'll test you and if you win you get the upgrade

How do you get a radio pas in soul silver?

to be able to use the radio you have to answer all the questions in goldenrod's radio tower.to upgrade it you have to go to kanto and turn the power back on in the power plant then go to the radio tower in lavender town

How do you get snourlax to move soul-silver?

basically you get on the music radio channels and out it to the sleeping channel and then click on snorlax... happy days, snorlaxislvl 50 then so be strong and try and catch it!

Where do you get the Pokémon flute on Pokémon soul silver?

You have to get the expn card to upgrade it

Where do you get a radio card on Pokemon soul silver?

In the radio tower after you answer a quiz

Get poke flute in SoulSilver?

You don't get the actual pokeflute in Soul Silver, but you can play the pokeflute from your Radio. First you need the Radio Card which you get at the Radio Station in Goldenrod City. Then you have to upgrade it at the Radio Tower in Lavender Town. Then the Pokeflute channel is available and you can wake Snorlax.

How do you get the EXPN card on Pokemon soul silver?

When you fix the power plant go to lavender town's radio tower talk to the guy that looks like a agent in the radio tower then he will give you it and upgrade it for you By Yahavani Mais

How do you get the pokeflute channel on Pokemon soul silver?

You have to have the radio card from Goldenrod City, and then you need the upgrade from the Tower in Lavender Town. I think The pokeflute channel is at the top of where you set the channel.

In Pokemon soul silver how do you get the silver wing?

Just save the radio tower....you will get it as a reward.

Where is the Kanto radio tower in Pokemon soul silver?

The Kanto radio tower is in Lavender Town.

Pokemon Soul Silver how to get pokeflute?

you can't, but in kanto you can use the radio

Is the radio in your bag in soul silver?

no is on you pokegear after getting it in Goldenrod city

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