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well i do not know

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Q: How do you use Color texture hacks in Super Mario 64?
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How do you put your own characters on Super Smash Bros Brawl who are not texture hacks?

Sorry to say but you cannot put characters on brawl that are not texture hacks.

Why luigi is not in Super Mario 64?

He is in Super Mario 64

How do you make a fake roster in Super Smash Bros. brawl?

texture hacks

How do you get luigi in SM64?

You can not unlock Luigi in super Mario 64 without hacks, but he is playable in super Mario 64 DS

How can you put character texture hacks in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

yes you can texture hack by a SD card and then you could hack in super smash bros brawl

Can you really get shadow Mario in Mario superstar baseball?

it has been said you can but sadly that is a myth of course if you use texture hacks then maybe you could

How do you play as peach on Super Mario 64?

Get Action Replay, get hacks, kthxbye.

How do you get all the hacks for super Mario galaxy 2?

James bond higga

How do you get shy guy in new Super Mario Brothers?

You cannot unless you use hacks.

Where can you download Super Mario World Hacks?

Please see the related link below.

Is tails in Super Smash Bros.. Brawl?

No but with texture hacks you can replace a character and make them look like Tails.

How do you hack Super Mario Brothers?

You download a emulator for SMB. Then do TAS which uses hacks and glitches

How do you get two Mario's on the sceen of Super Mario 64 on prject 64?


Is there a glitch to get Shadow the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros Brawl and if so what is it and how do you do it?

No, there isn't. Although you can make sonic look like him using texture hacks.

Is it illegal to hack Super Mario World?

It's not technically illegal to do so, but it isn't something Nintendo endorses. You'll find many Super Mario World fan hacks on the internet if you do a search for some.

How do you hack in super Mario galaxy 2?

You go on google, get the homebrew channel on the wii the put the disk in and it will find cheats or hacks for you

How do you get wario Super Mario 64?

He's not in the game, just Mario and Luigi.

How do you make sonic the hedgehog look like silver super smash bros?

Silver is only Playable through Texture Hacks which can be loaded from Homebrew Channel and Gecko OS.

Is there any codes for the homebrew channel to play as Yellow Toad on New Super Mario Bros Wii?

yes use geck os and acio hacks

What is homebrew channel all about?

To my knowledge, homebrew is a channel you can get that lets you make texture hacks.

How do you put item texture hacks on brawl?

You use a program, Such as brawlbox, to upload textures.

Is Super Mario galaxy for ds?

No, that was a joke someone made on the internet. the video seen is using hacks to downgrade graphics to make it look like a portable game, and to fire stars instead of star bits. Super Mario Galaxy is only for the Wii, and no other system.

How do you download shadow in brawl?

brawl vault or clear classic mode on normal with sonic with 3 lives I'm not lying a kid did this and it worked but he lost texture hacks with sonic you just don't get shadow by using texture hacks you stupid idiots

In luigis mansion can you play as Mario?

sadly no but maybe with hacks

How do you become luigi in Mario 64?

you can't without hacks