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How do you use Map Marker poketech app?


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it shows roaming Pokemon

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you go to fullmoon island, then cressilia will appear, then dissappear. USe the poketech app Marking Map (poketech building) to track him down. REMEMBER, you MUST use MEAN LOOK as soon as you encounter him. Happy catching!

You must go to jubilife city, then talk to the poketech president, you must have a certain badge, he will give you the map app and once you use it it will show you mesprit´s position on the map

I am thinking you get it from the poketech company. correct me if i am wrong

Get a Pokemon that knows mean look like Golbat and get the map app. for your poketech I'm not sure where you get it ^^you get the map app. from The Poketech Company, in Jubilife City. (From Pokemon centre, go up to the top of the Pokemart then turn left, continue going left until you reach a building with two doors. inside is the president and he should give it to you.) You can also use a Pokemon with the "arena trap" ability (like trapnich)

yes, but it takes a while, and use the poketech app that allows you to track Pokemon

you get the dowsing machine from dawn or lucas after beating the team galactic in eterna city

to catch mespit you go to jubilife city and get the poketech app called marking map the switch to marking map then follow the moving thing on the screen then follow it walking because if you fly then he will move to the other side of sinnoh when you finally get there use at least a level 50 and make it go to sleep then you use your ball and capture it

You must have the Downsing app for your poketech. u must use it to find it. it will be by the exit of the first hotel from, route 213, or south.

poketech 20 just shows the top three Pokemon you catch using the pokeradar

I have no clue! Sorry Im posting this! SO sorry! If i know i will tell ya You use the friendship checker app. Pokemon usually evolve at 2 hearts. I think you get the friendship app at the poketech company in ---------------------- city.

use the poketch app markin map after you beat the elite 4

On the same route as the the house of the woman who has lost her key, it will be lying on the floor somewhere on the path outside the restaurant, i think you can use the PokeTech App that finds treasure to help you find it.

well.. it was hard for me but i took a strong Pokemon like haunter or gengar that knew hypnosis and mean look so it wouldn't escape and i caught it! or if you cant find it use the app in tour poketech if you cant find it look in a building that gives you apps for ur poketech

Get the national pokedex by completing the first pokedex. Go to Canalave city. Go inside Sailor Edrichi's house. The name is not correct as I wrote it. Darkrai is giving the little boy inside nightmares. Talk to the sailor outside the house and go to fullmoon island. Go through some trees and you'll find Cresselia. Press A to her and she'll teleport away. Get the lunar wing that fell down. Do not use this on the boy who needs healing until further notice. Supposedly, it's possible to get Darkrai in Platinum with the lunar wing and Cresselia. Use the marking map poketech app in order to find Cresselia. You can get the app in Jublife poketech company.

The one you need to find mesprit is called the marking map you can get one from a guy in the pokech building in jubilife city (he has brown hair ).

Find him at Lake Acuity after visiting Spear Pillar. Use the move Mean Look to prevent Uxie from running away. If you fail to catch him there, then you must use the PokeTech App Berry Finder to locate Uxie and chase him down. Use a Master Ball if possible.

You find them all at separate lakes. You can catch Uxie and Azelf at their lakes. Mesprit flees again when you go to her lake. You need to use the map marker poketch app to find it. PS: Don't fly towards the Mesprit. It will go to a different spot then. Use your bike or run to get to it.

You can find it on any route. Just use the poketch app marking map!

There are many things one can do with this mobile web app. You can search using their search app. You can use the map function to get directions. Also, you can use their plus function for real life sharing through the web.

It depends on what marker you have, a marker like a 3.5 Excellerator, Tac-5 (any marker of the TAC-5 brand) or a similar marker like these, you can use HPA in.

Umm.....well I guess you can just open a sharpie and color it in or you can use a paint marker preferably a paint marker

The difference is simple - Google maps is designed to help you find places and get directions. Google map maker is like a wiki for Google maps - it lets you edit Google maps to make the data on it more accurate. You can use Google map maker to update marker locations, trace building outlines, mark roads, etc.

Go to Lake Acuity to caught Uxie Valor ffor Azelf and you need to cahase mesprit around sinnoh after meeting it at lake Verity you can use a marker map to see were it is Go to Lake Acuity to caught Uxie Valor ffor Azelf and you need to cahase mesprit around sinnoh after meeting it at lake Verity you can use a marker map to see were it is

For math, you can use the Calculator app (it is preloaded).

Yes, use the GPS feature and perhaps even link this with a mapping app.

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