How do you use Vinegar to kill fleas?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you use Vinegar to kill fleas?
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Why does vinegar kill fleas?

cuz they die

Can vinegar kill fleas on a dog?

Vinegar may kills some.

Will vingear kill fleas?

No, vinegar is not effective at killing fleas. If you have a flea infestation, you should talk to your vet and/or contact a professional pest exterminator.

Does dawn dish soap kill fleas in yard?

Dawn dish soap is great for killings fleas in homes and outside in the yard. Dawn dish soap can be mixed with vinegar and water which will kill fleas and repel them from pets.

Does vinegar help get rid of fleas?

Molt vinegar helps get rid if fleas

If vinegar kills fleas and lime kills fleas then by putting them both together that should kill them even faster correct?

Incorrect because:- First neither vinegar or lime kills fleas. Second if you mix an acid (eg vinegar) and an alkali (eg lime), you make a salt which is a completely different substance.

Will adding vinegar to dogs drinking water kill fleas and ticks?

No but using an empty vinegar barrel as a sleeping box will. Try spraying his bedding with vinegar, parasites don't like it.

Can you use vinegar for fleas on two week old kitten?

Vinegar will not kill fleas on any animal. Bathing is the best option. The safest flea product on the market for kittens is Revolution which you can use in kittens as young as 4 weeks. However, you can use Advantage on a nursing mother which will protect the kittens as well. The best thing i have found for killing fleas on a kitten is dawn dishdetergent. wet the kitten cover it in dawn scrub it good and leave the dawn on for 10 min. I know the cat will not be happy but it will kill the fleas and wont harm the kitten like some chemical ones can

How do you kill your dogs fleas?

You need to use Advantics.

Will salt kill fleas?

Yes, if you use enough.

Can you use lice killer on cats to kill fleas?


Can you use Lye on your lawn?

I do. Heard it will kill fleas.