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How do you use a headphone?


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You put the headphone in your ears.

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You can use it like this: I have a headphone.

to listen to music ?:L

Yes, as long as your computer is equipped with an analog headphone or speaker jack (most are).

it only has one headphone jack, but you can use a splitter.

Since the speaker was damaged on the left one, only the right headphone worked.

Yes. The Eternity is a very rare breed of Samsung phones that do not require the proprietary headphone jack as with most of their other phones. You can use any standard headphone jack with the samsung eternity.

Headphone splitters are a device you can use to plug into your headphone jack and then attach other headphones to it. Headphone splitters make it so you can share music with more than one person at a time, with everyone using their own set of headphones.

yes you can use beat headphones for ipod

Skull Candy or Apple in ear headphones

Somehow my headphone jack in my laptop broke. Since I do not use the mic jack, is there any way to convert the mic jack into a headphone jack? I really need help. I have a windows 8.

A headphone splitter is an attachment to you headphone outlet to run another set of headphones off of.

Sennheiser is the best headphone company.

Yes, headphone is a common noun.

Many televisions do not have headphone jacks anymore. Almost every TV that has a headphone jack will shut off its internal speakers when the headphones are connected. You should look at wireless headphones that will connect to the audio output of the television instead of the headphone jack if you need to use both at the same time.

Any type of headphone is fine - but don't use i-pod headphones !

Of course you can everybody uses Skullcandy headphones for you iPod.

Sennheiser HD428 Closed Circumaural Hi-Fi Headphone is best headphone, cheap and best both

Pretty much all of them, as long as they use a headphone jack you should be set!

There is a 1/4" headphone port located at the back of the PSR-295; plug your headphones into that and the audio is transferred to the headphone instead of the speakers. If your headphones use a 1/8" plug, you'll need an adapter.

Allows you to have 2 or more headphone ports in the same device

Put the metal end into the headphone jack. The jack is at the bottom.

to elaborate on the question, I want to get a monitor that has a microphone jack and a headphone jack so that I don't need to use the single headphone jack on my laptop, I also want to use the headset with my PlayStation 4 and so I would like to know if I could get a computer monitor that I can plug a headset into like the Logitech G230 or G430 and still be able to use the microphone and ear phones

A WIFI headphone is a headphone that receives data via wireless techonology.

The iPod has a female 3.5mm headphone port.

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