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If you have Windows Vista, the best thing is to go into Quick Play and use the camera / video option. It should come up under the list of sources.

I am also having trouble for some reason trying to get my inbuilt webcam to connect via MSN live or Skype.

Otherwise, best thing to do is check your manufacturers website for FAQs.

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Do you have to have a skype webcam to use skype?

No, you do not have to have a skype webcam to use skype. In fact, you don't have to have any webcam to use skype. You can make voice calls if you have a microphone, and you can chat regardless. However, if you want to do a video chat, you will need some kind of webcam.. If you have a acer laptop you have a crystal eye in your laptop. -Huge Taylor Swift Fan

Does Skype activate your webcam on a compaq laptop?

yes. You can use skype to preview your webcam in full screen

Are there any Skype services that can be used without a webcam?

Skype services can be used without the use of a webcam. The voice and message services are usable without the use of a webcam. This can be accomplished with having the webcam disabled as well.

Can you use a webcam with a skype phone?

Yes you can

How expensive is a camera to be able to Skype?

You need a Webcam to use Skype. Not a Original Camera!

How do you use your webcam on skype without paying?

Just use your webcam! There's nothing to it, it's totally free.

How do you use a webcam to chat?

Usually you have to get skype or something like that. Or if you already have skype you make a call.

Do you need a webcam for Skype?

Skype does not require you to have a webcam, or even a microphone. If you wish to make video calls, you do need a webcam, and to make calls you need a microphone, but you can just use the chat option if you want.

Can you use a Camera on Skype?

You can't use a Traditional Camera. You need a Webcam!

Do you need Skype to use your webcam?

No, many messaging services support the use of webcams. Sometimes software is already included with the webcam.

How do you turn on your webcam?

To turn on your webcam, all you have to do is open up a program that is designated to use your webcam. Some examples are Skype and Yahoo Messenger.

How do you use your HCL laptop webcam?

To use your laptop webcam, you have to install a program that is compatible with webcam chat such as Skype or MSN. Both programs are free and can be downloaded on their websites.

How do you use inbuilt webcam with Skype?

You may try the intermediate driver.

How can you use video on Skype?

To use video on Skype ensure you have a working webcam and the latest Skype software. Launch the Skype software and click the Video call button. (See links below)

Does the iPad mini have a webcam?

yes, an iPad mini has an webcam which is built in to the iPad and you can use it for Skype, yahoo and other apps.

Can you use normal headphones on Skype?

yes you can but im not sure about the webcam tho

How do you get your video turned on Skype?

In the Skype Settings you can choose your Webcam!

Can you use Skype to view another person?

If you have a webcam and so does the person you are in contact with, then yes you can see each other using Skype.

Can a Skype webcam be worth it and does a Skype webcam let you talk with good friends?

A Skype webcam is worth it because it does let you talk to anyone you would like. As long as two people both have Skype accounts and internet connection they can talk to each other from anywhere.

What do you need for Skype?

a webcam and a microphone

How do you get your Toshiba webcam working?

It depends. Are you using it on ooVoo or skype? Well on skype, or ooVoo just switch the type or software your using on the webcam, put it to Webcam Chiony. I hope that helped.

How do you use a webcam for GTalk?

Better use Skype for video call , much more better than Gtalk.

Where everyone goes to have fun with webcam?


What is zendayas REAL skype name and did you saw her on the webcam?

Its zendaya.skype96 and yes i saw her on webcam!!

Is a Skype webcam worth the cost?

Many computers have webcams built in which means there is not need to purchase an additional webcam to use with Skype. However, if you plan on having frequent video conferencing sessions, a good quality webcam is worth the investment as it makes for clearer images while talking.