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How do you use action replay?

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To use any code in any game you need:

1--the device that will introduce the codes.

2--the codes that will work on your game.

All devices are different when you attempt to put the codes, but they all consist on:

-select the name of your game(some asks for it, some not).

-select or imput the code(s).

Important notes:

  • be sure that the codes you got are real and not mess your saved game, preferredly use them in new game and see if them do what you want and don't mess the game(strange sounds, colors and graphics are not normal, etc.), if the game looks wrong, then the codes could make you loss or corrupt your saved data. As for the game, don't worry, shutdown your code device (if it is on) and reset your console, the codes will stop from working.
  • don't put too much codes, or they will stop from working or work in a strange way.
  • "GameShark" and "Action Replay" use the same codes (you can imput one gameshark code in action replay and the same goes the other way around).

So basically you mean GameShark and Action Replay are the same yeah.

Cuz if they are that is good as i have an Action Replay but i cant find out how to get Jirachi, Deoyxs, Celibi, Mew and many more.

If you know how please contact me.

Thanks for the help :) mikeyman95

2011-09-12 23:02:16
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Q: How do you use action replay?
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