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The school administration will be in charge of developing budget plan for next year.

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Q: How do you use administration in a sentence?
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Can you use the word Administration in a sentence?

It is unwise to take any drug not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

How could you use administer in a sentence?

I will attempt to administer to you the meaning of administration.

How can you use the word colonial in a sentence?

The colonial administration imposed restrictions on the movements of the natives.His house was a classic colonial design.

How can you use the word adminstration in a sentence?

As a noun: The new administration will be making some personnel changes.As an adjective: Hiring and firing is an administrationresponsibility.

Does anyone know how to use administer in a sentence?

I will administer the test today.I Suppose that a sentence using administer wold be the co-worker administrative meeting. Or The administration decided to have a meeting about Cookies.

What is a sentence using the word administration?

The heiress objected to the administration of her trust fund by her uncle. The governor was unpopular during the last year of his administration. The administration of the funds will be the responsibility of the purchasing committee.

How do you use acronym in a sentence?

An is an abbreviation formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word. Here is a sentence using the word acronym: Few people are aware, but NASA is an acronym for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

How do you use Individual rights in a sentence?

As the new administration came into power, it was clear that civil liberties would be in danger of curtailment.

A sentence using previous?

The previous administration was quite effective.

How do you use containing in a sentence?

The containment of nuclear arms was a top priority for the administration.

How do you use the word misconduct in a sentence?

The employee was terminated for his misconduct in the workplace.

What is a sentence for infrastructure?

The personel infrastructure of a school consists of teachers, a board, and an administration.