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How do you use affable in a sentence?


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(Affable means Friendly, courteous, sociable; receiving others kindly)

He struck me as an affable sort of a man.

His affable grin made newcomers feel welcome.


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the man was affable and easy to talk to.:D

Affable means likeable and friendly. An example of affable used in a sentence is: His affable nature drew people to him and he was always surrounded by friends and loved ones.

"Ray was an affable sort of chap, especially when he'd had a couple of drinks."

Betty was such an affable person that everyone went to her for advice. -A

I always found him a very affable, approachable fella.

Our teacher's name is Mr Gruff, but, surprisingly, he's really quite affable!

The student was generally very affable with his classmates but he teacher had him marked as a plagiarizer. Tom was serious at the office, but outside of work, he was known for his friendly and affable personality. The word affable is an adjective.

Affable is an adjective meaning friendly, amiable, polite, kind, genial, etc. An affable gentleman helped me get all of the packages onto the bus.

Even as Chairman of the Department, Professor Jones remained affable in affect, easily approached and ready to discuss anything.

Affable is an adjective used for a good-natured or kind person who shows warmth and friendliness. For example, My teacher seems to be strict but actually he's a very affable man. I was comforted by her affable manner/tone of talking. My sister is a very frank and affable girl. Everybody likes humorous and affable people. Hope that helped. :) -U.G. :)

Affable is an adjective.

Every one loves him. Due to his affable nature.

What is another word for affable?

afari is the root word for affable.

Affable means friendly and accommodating. Here are some sentences.He is such an affable fellow that nobody dislikes him.You could be more affable if you tried, instead of getting so angry.She was happy that Jill was so affable about the party being cancelled.

Antonyms for the word affable:unfriendlyreservedmiserablecomplainingdisdainfulimpolite

A gregarious person likes to gather with others. An affable person is friendly and easy to talk to.

Friendly and charming.

Some synonyms for affable are:amiablecourteousdebonairfriendlygenialgraciouskindobligingpolitesuave

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) would be an excellent example of an affable person. Gently humorous, easy-going and fun to be around.

It means genial, good-humoured.

amiable, friendly, polite, gracious.

Suave, urbane,affable, genial.

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