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You can buy a jailbroken unlocked phone from eBay and the metro pcs people will hook it up :):):):):):)

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βˆ™ 2011-10-03 23:20:56
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Q: How do you use an iPhone with metro pcs?
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Does metro pcs have a iPhone?

No, Metro PCS does not provide an iPhone. Although, they do have a great variety of phones and usually have great deals.

Metro PCS iPhone?

Yes, soon. The iPhone should come to Metro PCS once the merger with T-Mobile is settled.

Can your Apple iPhone be used for metro pcs?


Can you flash iphone 3gs to metro pcs?

no u cannot but u can flash a verizon iphone 4 or 4s to metro pcs or cricket

Can you use your iphone 3gs with metro pcs if it is unlocked and jailbroken to work without a sim?


Can you have an iPhone on the metro pcs plan?

Not yet, but soon. The iPhone should arive soon on Metro PCS now that T-Mobile accounced a merge.

Can you use the new Samsung phone with metro pcs?

No. You can not use a new samsung phone with metro PCs because metro PCs does not use a Sim card so therefore u would have to use a metro PCs phone

Can the sprint iPhone 4 be flashed to metro pcs?


Can you have metro pcs on a iPhone?

Soon. Once Metro merges with T-Mobile (which also has the iPhone now) the iPhone will be available because Metro will start using T-Mobile's bandwidths.

Do you have to have and iPhone to use video on Instagram?

Pretty much :? unfortunately. I have an Android from Metro PCS and I cannot take video.

Can you flash the iPhone 4S to metro pcs?

Not sure what u mean by flash but iphones r not available with metro pcs. I usd verizon for mine

How much is the iphone at metro PCS?

noone will answer this dum question. There is no I phone for metro.... I wish this question was valid -.-"

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