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The teacher said, "Students, write the antonym of the word diabolical,"

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How do you use the word antonym a sentence?

The dictionary has a antonym

Can you use the word antonym in a sentence?

Yes. Like this: "The antonym of happy is sad."

How do you use arable in a sentence?

arable means refined .. an antonym will be unfertile

How do you use disconcerting in a sentence as an antonym?

that is the stupidest question i have ever heard.

A sentence for the word antonym?

Evil is the antonym of good.The antonym of hope is despair.

What sentence includes an antonym?

The antonym of happy is sad. The antonym of secular is religious.

Militant in a sentence?

Synonym antonym and sentence of militant

How do you write a sentence for the word antonym?

They used an antonym to describe a symanym

Can you please give me a sentence with the word antonym?

"Sad is an antonym for the word happy."

What are the 6 kinds of contextual guessing?

use of sentence sence use of synonym use of examples use of comprison or analogy use of antonym or contrast use of structional sentences

How do you use the word antonym in a sentence?

Antonym a word with the opposite meaning of the word. For example, dark is the antonym of light. So, here are some sentences made up by yours truly! :) "The antonym of nice is," Bob paused paused dramatically, "evil!" "What is an antonym for brave?" Fred lazily asked. Hope this helped! :)

Can you use dystopia in a sentence?

The word "dystopia" is the antonym of the word "utopia. " An example of the word "dystopia" in a sentence is "Germany under Nazi rule was a complete dystopia. "

What is the synonym and antonym for a complex sentence?


What is a word that can nearly be in a sentence?

antonym for bewider

How do you use dissuade in a sentence?

Why does antonio tell his friends to disuade shylock? dussuade means; talk out of. antonym; persuade, talk into.

Why do you use antonyms in a sentence?

Antonyms are just words like any other word you use them when it is appropriate.It is just that an antonym is a word that has an opposite for example fast and slow. We can say fast is an antonym of slow or we can say fast is the opposite of slow.

Can you give me a sentence in antonyms and synonyms?

Antonym: Hot is the antonym of cold. Synonym: Nice is the synonym of kind.

What is a sentence for antonym and epidemic?

stop being gay

How can you use the word prudence in a sentence?

The word "prudence" is an antonym of the word "carelessness. " An example of the word "prudence" in a sentence is "The investigator demonstrated sufficient prudence while handling the case. "

What is the antonym for replenish?

Use up would be an antonym for replenish.

Example of antonyms used in the sentence?

A synonym means the same as -- it's another way of saying the same thing. For example, "big" is a synonym for "large." "Fat" is a synonym for "overweight." On the other hand, an antonym is the opposite of the word-- so the antonym for "big" would be "little"; the antonym for "fat" would be "thin." To use an antonym in a sentence might look like this: "I'm not stupid," he said angrily. "I'm very smart."

What are antonyms of brooded?

To not worry over (Verb Use antonym) Child (Noun Use Antonym)

What is an antonym for contour?

The word contour does not exactly have an antonym, however, it you use contoured, the antonym would be flat.

How do you put these words in a correct sentence is Combine the synonym of mix antonym and the of separate?

Combine is the synonym of mix and the antonym of seperate.

How would you use merciless in a sentence?

'Mercy' means to be kind and forgiving. So 'merciless' is the antonym (opposite word). In a sentence: 'He swung his axe towards his enemy with great anger; he was merciless in his attack.'