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Asia was the best girl on the Basketball team, so she got MVP (Most Valuable Player).

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Q: How do you use best in a sentence?
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How do I USE BEST or better in a sentence?

You had better best his results.

How do you use best man in a sentence?

He is my best man in the wedding.

Use meniscus in a sentence?

The best sentence to use the word meniscus in is in a science sentence. You could say the meniscus of the liquid reads at 2 centiliters.

How do you use HTML in a sentence?

You just did. The question you just asked is a sentence. The best sentence you can use HTML in, would be giving the meaning of the letters. (there goes another sentence with HTML) Here is the best sentence: Hyper Text Markup Language, HTML, is use to create a web page. It cant get better than that.

How do you use electronics in a sentence?

Best Buy has the best electonics around!

When would you use had instead of did?

When writing a sentence it is best to use the word that makes the most sense. Did would be better in a place that you did something or asking a question. Had is stating something and not really best to use at the begining of a sentence.

How do you use veiled in a sentence?

The best way to use "veiled" in a sentence would be to use it as reference to something hidden. Such as, "The girl's face was veiled, concealing her identity."

Use bonanza in a sentence?

This is the best bonanza ever.

How do you use delicatessen in a sentence?

Fish is my best delicatessen..

How do you use bonnet in a sentence?

jacinta iz the best

How do you use best practice in a sentence?

Read the question and you have your answer.

How would you use awe in a sentence?

i am the best, awe

How do you use stylist in a sentence?

Example sentence - His best work is done as a hair stylist, not a babysitter.

How can you use the word animation in a sentence?

Example sentence - The best movies this year are done with animation.

How do you use angrier in a sentence?

the best way to use angrier in a sentence is as an adjective for example: does that person seem angrier today? seem how? seem angrier.

How do you use a sentence for revenge?

Revenge is best served cold!

How do you use sower in a sentence?

im the best sower around

Use unbalanced in a sentence?

My best friend is very unbalanced.

How do you use parallelism in a sentence?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

How do you use unstable in a sentence?

the girl unstable her best friend.

How do you use trying in a sentence?

I am trying to answer this question to the best of my ability.

How do you use the word trust in a sentence?

i trust my best friend

Can you use paradise in a sentence?

My dream was the best paradise in the world!

How do you use tool in a sentence?

The hammer is the best tool for the job.

How would you use assertive in a sentence?

Assertive to get the best from the system.