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Cleaning cat urine from a canvas depends on what is on the canvas or if the canvas is blank. If the canvas is blank use apple cider vinegar or bleach. If the canvas has paint on it or is a piece of art have it cleaned by a professional so there is no damage.

Just add people who use pet society already to your friends list.

there isn't no cheats in pet society but i found one use cheat enginego to http\

The only way you can get 10000 money in pet society is if you use cheat engine 9 or if playfish give you free money

as long as it's not an oil canvas

Wala lang i pakain mo sa pet pati yung pet mag iiba kulay whaha XD

It has to be on saleMaybe in the mystery prizesUse cheat codes

No it will soak the canvas and it will corrode faster.

His media were oil paint and canvas. He brushed the oil paint on to the canvas.

There are some air fresheners that are for pet odors. Or you could wash the bag in the washing machine in cool water.

You haven't said what the canvas is to be glued to. -Try silicone, it sticks many things like canvas.

buy a cough medicine in food store and use it as bait when you go fishing..

Yes, but you need to size and prime the canvas first.

actually, I've been playing pet society for a long time now and I use that application on but it wouldn't die its health, happiness, and hygiene will just decrease to the point where it becomes 0% already but it will never ever die... hope this helps!

One can use enamel paint on canvas. Generally, enamel paint is used on surfaces that will receive a lot of wear, or will be subject to the elements. However, it may indeed be used on canvas.

Some great oil painting techniques to use on a wooden canvas include priming the canvas with gesso, and sanding between coats. You can also cut the canvas into different shapes.

She works almost exclusively in oil on canvas.

blank is the word we use if we don't know what we are gonna sayforexamplei need blankthere

Only oil and acrylics are the best type of paint to use on a canvas. Any others will not work right.

The canvass of sailors revealed a preference for Dacron over canvas sails.

Does not matter what you use, a blank gun does not fire live ammunition.

You cant technically buy soap on pet society unless it is for decoration. The one you can use, that actually works, is given to you in the beginning of the game. Unless you used a cheat code to receive the bar of soap you cant. As your level gets higher on Pet Society your soaps image, pawpoints given, money given, and the little soap bubbles changes for the better.

I will canvass all the local purveyors of canvas so as to find the best price in the area.

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