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Example sentence - The trap shooter discharged the firearm and missed the target.

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Q: How do you use discharged in a sentence?
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How can you use honorably in a sentence?

After the inquest he was honorably discharged from his office

What is a good sentence with the word discharged in it?

The old gun discharged without pulling the trigger. I was discharged from the hospital.

Who decides when a parolee gets Parole discharge?

It is already determined in the sentence. When the sentence expires then the parolee is discharged.

How do you remove a felony?

How long do I have to wait to have my rights reinstated after I've discharged from my sentence

What does discharged from probation mean?

It means that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements of your sentence of probation and are released from "custody."

If you are in the military and get arrested will you be discharged?

Possibly. It all depends on a number of factors, such as what you were arrested for, what your sentence is, etc. If you get arrested for a DUI, you won't be discharged. If you get arrested for capital murder, you most certainly will be.

Is the sentence the patient is discharged home in stable condition mixed tense or present tense?

Mixed tense.

When is a person done with parole in Illinois?

When they are officially notified that their sentence has been satisfactorily completed and they are discharged from any kind of supervision.

Can a convicted felon leave the US after they have finished there probation?

If the court has discharged them from their sentence of probation, yes, they can travel wherever they please.

Who can use VA medical benefits?

Any Veteran who has been honorably discharged.

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