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The candidates for presidency use a great amount of eloquent language to persuade the viewers of their campaign.

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Q: How do you use eloquence in a sentence?
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Related questions

How do you use the word eloquence in a sentence?

Kissing the Blarney Stone is said to give a person eloquence.The eloquence of the speeches reflected the experience of the delegates.

How do you use beatifully in a sentence?

Her eloquence fit beautifully in a sentence. The nightingale sang beautifully.

Sentence for eloquence?

The highlighted speaker's eloquence was quite stirring.

What is a sentence for eloquence?

Eloquence is the artful ease of speaking. Example : "The speaker enthralled the crowd with his eloquence."

Eloquence in a sentence?

The boy reading gave a lot of eloquence in his story.

What is a good sentence using the word eloquence?

Eloquence, the ability to speak with effective and sonorous word choice, is one of his blessings.

What is a sentence for a ballet dancer that moved the audience to tears with the word eloquence to describe the ballet dancer?

Well actually eloquence means powerful and effective language...

What is the meaning of sheer eloquence?

Sheer means "pure" in this context and eloquence refers to being well-spoken and persuasive. Used in a sentence: "His sheer eloquence silenced the crowd." Translated: The speaker was so captivating, no one could ignore him.

How did chirchill use his eloquence to his country?

by having too much swag

How did churchill use his eloquence to lead his country?

Good speech makers

What part of speech is eloquence?

Eloquence is a noun.

What does eloquence mean?

Eloquence is a clarity and fluidity of speech. The language used is apt, powerful, persuasive and moving. The delivery can be either spoken or written, but the end result is a striking use of language that produces an emotional impact.

What is a synonym for eloquence?

Persuasive, vivid and effective have the same meaning as eloquence.

When is a speaker said to be a eloquence?

A speaker would be said to be 'eloquent' (adjective) if they spoke well and had effective use of the language to convey a particular meaning. They would be fluent, with a good vocabulary and grammer and expressive speech. 'Eloquence' is a noun

When was Eloquence - album - created?

Eloquence - album - was created on 1965-05-29.

What is the name of adjective of noun eloquence?

The adjective form of the noun 'eloquence' is eloquent.

Is elocution a form of eloquence?

No. Elocution is pronouncing the sounds well, while eloquence is expressing the thoughts well.

What is eloquence?

Eloquence (noun) is fluent and effective use of language.She is well educated and speaks with eloquence.An eloquent (adjective) person is someone who is fluent and competent in using language to communicate and to express ideas.Yes, I would say she is is very eloquent person and ideal for the position of Ambassador.

What the hell does frothy eloquence mean in the Missouri State Speech?

Frothy eloquence refers to light and entertaining statements that offer little substance.

What are the suffixes for eloquent?

In Eloquence there is -ence meaning action state quality or process

How do you use the word effusion in a sentence?

Effusion means an unrestrained outpouring of feeling, as in speech or writing. Edmund Burke used this word eloquently: "the devout effusions of sacred eloquence."His mom's effusion in front of his friends caused considerable embarassment for the young teenager.

What is kissing the Blarney Stone supposed to give you?

They will receive the gift of the gab (great eloquence).

What is the definition for eloquence?

-noun 1. the practice or art of using language with fluency and aptness. 2. eloquent language or discourse: a flow of eloquence.

What is flow in writing?

Fluency, eloquence.

What is Samoan translation for eloquence?