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How do you use gamecube Action Replay?

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* Insert it into gamecube * Select country * Select game * Once you have found the game you will want to click on it and select what cheats you want on * once completed, press start on controller * it will say "open the lid" * you must open the lid * then insert the game you wanted the cheats on Un less you have the new version where datel disabled the add cheat function - II Razzafraz II

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Can you use action replay codes on your gamecube without action replay?

No, you need action replay for gamecube.

How can i get action replay on my GameCube?

Answer: You buy the Action Replay for the GameCube of course.

How do you hack sa2b?

You can use a gamecube action replay or a gameshark :)

How do you get action replay codes for GameCube with SD memory card?

You can't use an SD Card with an GameCube.

Does the latest GameCube action replay have to have a special memory card or can you use a normal GameCube memory card?

no and no. You can only use the codes on the disc.

How do you use gamecube Action Replay v1.2?

you put the action replay disc in and pick your game then you get the codes you want when your done press a button and it will show you what to do

What is the action replay code to stop time on majora's mask for gamecube?

As of 2014, there is not an action replay code to stop time on Majora's Mask for GameCube. There are however other action replay codes available.

Where can you buy a GameCube action replay at?


Which is better GameCube action replay version 1.08 or GameCube action replay max version 1.14?

1.14 u can enter your own codes

Does GameShark for GameCube exist?

There is no GameShark for the GameCube. There is, however, an Action Replay for the GameCube, which is similar to the GameShark.

Can you hacks for sadx GameCube?

I'm pretty sure you can using an action replay or action replay max.

Where can you buy a action replay for GameCube?

sexrexflex pex

Where can you get a GameCube Action replay Instrction Book?

How do you get to the secret island on animal crossing GameCube Without a GBA?

There is no other way without a GBA.Unless there is a action replay code to get to it without a GBA.I don't know if theres a action replay code to get to it because i don't have a action replay for gamecube.If you have a action replay for gamecube, look for a code for it,but if you don't have a action replay,there is no other way.

Action replay v1.08 GameCube input code?

Yes anything that is below v 1.20 will input codes but you must use an indigo gamecube for this

Does action replay GameCube work on wii?

Yes, you can use it on wii. But I dont know if you can add codes to it?

How do you get infinity coins in paper Mario the thousand year door?

just use the gamecube action replay

How do you get a helmetless samus trophie on Super Smash Bros Melee?

You must use a action replay gamecube to get it

How do you get all items in animal crossing for GameCube?

You either have to start colleting or get a action replay for gamecube

How do you insert codes into an action replay for GameCube?

which ar dumb a

Where to buy gamecube action replay?

ebay,amazon or codejunkies

Is action replay still available for the GameCube?

yes, no, maybe

Can you unlock Master Hand without Action Replay for GameCube?


Does Action Replay V1.08 for the GameCube input codes?


Does a GameCube action replay have Kirby air ride?