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Q: How do you use imvu mafia?
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Cheats codes for imvu?

if you use cheats imvu will find out and banned you from imvu it happened to one of my friends on there

Do you have to use webcam on imvu?


How old do you have to be to use IMVU?

om imvu , you have to be atleast 15 years old to join

What is the code for imvu free clothing?

what are the code for free imvu male clothing

Do you use poses on imvu after you bought them?


How do you get to imvu login page?

to Login on imvu, use this URL this is the member login page

How do you use poses on imvu?

You need to buy them in the imvu catalog on their website, you can't view the poses (which sucks, I know.)

What is the new crash code for imvu?

*use 92931849429818742759

How do you use burners on Mafia Wars?

After attacking a property in mafia wars, it will give you an option to use a burner if you fail

In Mafia Wars Do your mafia members use your inventory or theirs when you fight?

We all use our own inventories. But we need mafia members to use the stuff in the inventory. For example, a mafia member can only drive a car. So if you have 20 cars but you only have 10 mafia members, you'll only fight with 10 cars. :)

What is code 481 from imvu?

Its a error problem that means you cant use debit cards on imvu v.v you can use gift cards and credit cards and the rest though

What is the code for IMVU?

There isn't a code for IMVU. if you mean a coupon code then use this DZMSUGUB4 runs out 4/27/12 hurry

How do you reappear on imvu?

If your avatar disappears, then use one of the emoticons that turn your avatar into a face. This will reload your avi. If you need the emoticon codes, then go to The IMVU Mafias. They keep lists of codes for IMVU.

What was imvu name before it was called imvu?

It was always imvu

How do you make symbols on imvu?

All you have to do is use alt and use the numbers to the right of your keyboard.

Is imvu for over3?

imvu is for 18+

How banned from imvu?

Break the IMVU TOS and IMVU staff will ban you.

Can you use imvu without download?

you can only go on your homepage without your imvu downloaded, but you cannot chat with people =[ i would recommend downloading it.

Who founded imvu?

who found imvu

Who created IMVU?

You can make a IMVU page buy tiping in imvu signin

How can a weaker mafia win a fight over a stronger mafia?

if you are fighting stronger mafia, use boosts, they will help you win fights even with stronger mafias.

Does imvu give your computer a virus with M cafee?

No, it does not give you a virus if you use McAfee, nor without an AV at all; IMVU is virus-free.

Are there cheats for getting free bras in imvu?

Use a fake an account and use that person to send it to you.

What games can you use facebook credits on?

mafia wars

How do you sell your stuff on IMVU?

You can sell your IMVU stuff on the IMVU Mafias' Gray Market.