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The difference between integers and floats is that integer numbers don't contain decimals.

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Integers can be positive or negative.

"An irrational number is a number that can't be writtenas the ratio of two integers."

There are several different ways that you can use integers in everyday situations. For example you can use integers in the Winter, you use them with the temperature.

The set of all positive integers is a subset of the set of all integers.

Many times, math problems can only be completed if the numbers involved are integers.

False - if the sentence is meant to be exhaustive. Integers can be positive or negative OR ZERO.

The Chinese and Hindu were the first to use negative integers

This is not a question so you do not need to use a question mark at the end of your sentence.

Personally, I use them to count with.

Nothing, because there is no number sentence, only two integers.

Every aspect of mathematics depends upon integers, and even if you don't do any mathematics, you count things with integers. If you even want to know how many guests you are having for dinner, you need to use integers.

Placing a question mark at the end of a phrase does not make it a sensible question. Try to use a whole sentence to describe what it is that you want answered.

You can sometime use integers but often speed or velocity can also be irrational.

Integers are the whole numbers. Indian and Chinese mathematician were the first to contribute in the concept of using integers.

We you integers everyday by:In bank accountsThe temperatureIn golfIn the stock market(These are just a few of the ways you can use integers. There are many other ways too!)

You can use them for counting, which is in fact addition. You can also use them for subtracion. Integers are natural numbers. This means you don't use decimals or fractions.

Hockey players have integers allocated to them - these are the numbers emblazoned on their outfits.Goals scored by each side are counted using integers.

Every time you count things, you recite a list of integers.

No. Factors of integers are also integers (whole numbers).

To find the sum of integers, you use addition.To find the difference, you use subtraction.

in the temparatue we use it

when it is positive or negative (+or -)

Actually it is. Well, it depends what definition of "whole number" you use. Some definitions include only positive integers, some use it as a synonym of "integers". Therefore, due to this ambiguity, the phrase "whole numbers" would better be avoided in math. Rather, use words or phrases like "integers", "positive integers", or "non-negative integers", to convey the exact meaning, without ambiguity.

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