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The 1917 mutiny by French soldiers could have cause France to lose the war.

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mutinied in a sentence is..................... i think you should look up mutiny then youd find a sentence(probably)

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Q: How do you use mutiny in a sentence?
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How do you use the word mutiny in a sentence?

Aboard the ship, the crew planned a mutiny against the captain.

How do you use the word mutiny in a sentence for kids?

When I suggested that we take a break for ice cream, the professor jokingly accused me of instigating a mutiny.

A sentence for mutiny?

Death by hanging.

Mutiny in a sentence?

The ship's crew was not pleased with the captain and were secretly planning a mutiny against him.

How do you make a sentence using the word mutiny?

The crew has been muttering about mutiny, sir.

What is a sentence with mutiny in it?

In june 1797 he was involved in a naval mutiny at sheerness that was fighting to improve the conditions of seamen.

How do you use the word mutinous in a sentence?

A mutiny has taken place off the coast of South America.The boys mutinously fell silent while they were being yelled at.

Is there an example sentence for crew?

If the crew are not happy then there will be mutiny. The fire crew responded quickly.

What is a sentence using the word 'discontentment'?

Discontentment amongst the crew finally ended in mutiny.

What is a sentence using the word mutiny?

Many of the crew did not like the way the captain was running things and decided to mutiny. (verb)After the mutiny, Henry Hudson, his son, and some of his crew were set adrift in a small boat, and were never seen again. (noun)

What sentence has the word mutinous?

In the movie the Caine Mutiny the crew on the ship had been mutinous when they lock the Captain in his cabin. The Military Attorneys determined the Captain was correct and the crew had committed mutiny.

What does the word mutiny mean?

A mutiny is rebellion.

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