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I noticed you were wearing a green tank top today
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How do you get him to notice you?

Try talking about things he likes with your friends (when your near him) ^ Hi, try by becoming friends with him for a start, and yeah, talk about things he likes and try and found out more about him. Be there for him when he needs someone to talk to. Also, try and find out what type of girl he like ( Full Answer )

What if your fire arm was taken without notice and used in a crime?

Answer . You must report it immediately to the police. Even if this gets someone you know into trouble. If you withhold information and the police discover it belongs to you, you will be the primary suspect, but could also be charged as an accessory. The police will eventually figure it out anyw ( Full Answer )

How to get noticed?

wear new fashion clothes, to be popular: act bad and you will become popular before you know it and people will be rushing to you to be getting your email address etc. If you act bad you might get some UNwanted attention. I would suggest-- well, first, be YOURSELF. It's never a good idea to be so ( Full Answer )

Why do guys not notice everything girls do to get them to notice us?

Answer . Answer. Sometimes girls go overboard when they want a man to see them. Too much make up usually turns a man off, especially if you don't know how to apply it, but you want to catch a man's attention. Wear a push up bra, a tight top and a short skirt, that will do it every time, and no m ( Full Answer )

How can you be noticed?

1. Being noticed is not as important as being noticed well 2. Do something extraordinary or

If you have noticed this notice you may have noticed that this notice is not worth noticing Have you?

That's funny! ha ha hee hee! That's funny! It drew my attention straight away! Notice what? No. I have noticed this notice and I have noticed that this notice is funny, and any notice that is funny is worth noticing. ~LarryTheCucumber This notice can only be answered with the follo ( Full Answer )

How do you write the Fair Use Notice?

All cited images in (or on) this (what ever you need it for) are used under the Fair Use Interpretation of Copywrite Laws. All others are used by permission.

How can you get him to notice you?

Be your self Talk to him.... Make him know who you really are.. Dont be fake i Tried it to get someguys attention and it dont work!

Can the dentist notice cocaine use?

The dentist won't notice cocaine use just by looking; however,there are certain conditions that can be attributed to cocaine use.Most noticeable is corrosion of the septum of the nose. Otherconditions include thinning of tooth enamel and receding gums.Although the dentist will know this could be cau ( Full Answer )

What kind of gun does Michael Weston use in 'Burn Notice'?

Michael acquires a S&W 4006 handgun from a thug in the pilot episode, and uses it for the first few episodes. Later he switches to the SIG-Sauer P228, which seems to be his preferred sidearm.. ( Full Answer )

If sun were to diasappear how long will it take for us to notice?

The rough arm-waving numbers that are easy to remember are that the Earth is about 150,000,000 km from the sun and the speed of light is about 300,000,000 m/sec. 300,000,000 m/sec is 300,000 km/sec. 150,000,000 km divided by 300,000 km/sec gives 500 seconds, or 8.33 minutes. Since it takes approx ( Full Answer )

What can you do to get him to notice you?

Just start talking to him. If you're friendly, honest and yourself he'll notice you and if he doesn't he's honestly no the kind of guy you need.

How do you get him to notice me?

So You Bought That New Dress Wondering... is He Staring?!? Here Are A Few Tips To Get Him To Notice You! 1.Adding Something New,Doing Your Hair Pretty,Makeup. These Are All Great But Dont Change Yourself In The Process. Being Different Over A Guy Is Not Worth It. Trust Me. 2. Try To Find Things In ( Full Answer )

What can you do to get notice?

well, if it's a guy, just say hi. start a conversation with him about something he is interested in, AND BE YOURSELF!!!! guys hate when you pretend to be something you're not. If it's a girl, all you can do, is be kind to her, and ask her what's wrong if she seems upset. She may act annoyed that you ( Full Answer )

Why do you use death notices and obituaries?

\nDeath notices and obituaries often tell something about the life of the dead person such as where born or when immigrated, the profession followed, where lived, war service, etc. They may also mention the names of spouse, children, and other relatives and when they died or that they are still livi ( Full Answer )

How do you use noticed in a sentence?

"I noticed that..." For example, "I noticed that your box is full." If you were using it verbally or in conversational writing. Other Examples : "The watchman noticed a truck next to the warehouse." "The kids slipped from the classroom without being noticed."

What sniper Rifles are used in burn notice?

The sniper rifle that Michael is forced by Victor to help steal is the Dragunov\n. \n\n. \nIn the Compos "assassination" attempt, Fiona uses an M-1A. This gun is also featured in the episode family business.\n. \nhttp:/ ( Full Answer )

Why supermarkets use notice boards?

BECAUSE they think they have better things to do with there money that buy and set up TVs that would like cut the office hands' work load by like 85% AT LEAST man, if only they knew how much time they could cut off just buy like putting in TVs because they want yooou to buy stuff so they can get mon ( Full Answer )

What is the most noticeable feature of hallucinogen use?

Because the effects of different hallucinogens can be so varied, the most notable feature of hallucinogen use in general is a change in behavior. Those taking hallucinogens may be (depending on the substance) aggressive, confused, euphoric, frightened, etc.

How do you get her to notice you?

im a girl so i know what will make a girl notice you put on somenot a lot just a little cologne, brush your hair, make it looknice, mabey wear some nice clean clothes but not dorky ones,usually we hate that! if that doesnt work go up a level and try totalk or mabey even Flirt with her! or tell her t ( Full Answer )

A notice of use and disclosure is required for?

A: notice of use and disclosure, which is required for every patient that a health provider treats is part of the standard procedures for new patients. Pg 3

How can you use noticeable in a sentence?

The touch-up job by the painter was, regrettably, very noticeable. Even the slightest change of hairstyle will make you more noticeable.

How do you use the word notice in a sentence?

Did you notice that the tulips are blooming? He sent a notice that the bill is due tomorrow. "Whats this? An eviction notice. That expired 5 minutes ago."

6 year old rabbit and you noticed he only has one testical but used to have two?

Two is an impossible number. Young rabbits are counted as One , Two , Three, Four, Fiver (for all rabbits after the fourth). ... Only once you get a functionally homogeneous collection do you have the situation where ... Adolf-Hitler was widely reported to have only one testicle . ( Full Answer )

What are notices used for?

To alert the people that may be walking past where the notices are, that something should be known, more specifically, the something that's written on the notice/notices.

How you do you get him to notice you?

Show him a little skin, compliment on his shirt, stay within 20 meters of his vision so when he looks around, he'll notice you. Eventually, he'll be falling for you.

What is a bum notice used for?

A bum notice is used to notify the homeless that the area that they are inhabiting is an area in which is is illegal to loiter, or sleep. They are often hung in areas under bridges, or in back alleys.

What is a problem you might notice using your sense of smell?

A fuel leak. A coolant leak, coolant has a sweet smell. An exhaust leak. A burnt clutch. A burnt rubber smell, from a slipping accessory belt/tensioner or rubber contacting the exhaust. A Moldy smell with the A/C on from a dirty/moldy evaporator. An oil leak, if it is leaking near the exhaust mani ( Full Answer )