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Serenity settled in while I realized I didn't lose my wallet and credit cards, studying at the library.

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Q: How do you use serenity in a sentence to explain a feeling you felt while studying at the library?
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What is serenity?

'Serenity' refers to a feeling of tranquility and peace.

Is there a definition for not feeling like studying?

I believe "not feeling like studying" is itself a definition. If you are searching for a term this definition fits, may I suggest procrastination or laziness.

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You can use feeling in a sentence by saying spectacular instead of saying good.

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No, the word 'how' is not a noun.The word 'how' functions as an adverb and a conjunction.Examples:I didn't realize how high the climb was. (adverb, modifies the adjective 'high')How are you feeling? (adverb, "You are feeling how?", modifies the verb 'are feeling')We are studying how the city was founded. (conjunction, joins two parts of the compound sentence)

Explain the feeling expressed in the poem naunsyaming pag asa?

Explain the feeling expressed in the poem naunsyaming pag asa?

What is the verb in the sentence The tiger is feeling hungry?

The verb phrase = is feeling

What do you call a sentence that shows strong feeling?

an exclamatory sentence

What do you call a strong sentence that shows feeling?

an exclamatory sentence

Serenity Now incense can you smoke it?

Yes, you most certainly can. It gives you an intense feeling of awesome. However, other side effects are unknown.

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"( )" a parenthesis is usually used when you are trying to explain is something in a sentence, but you have the feeling that the reader might not know what you are talking about. So you put a phrase inside the parenthesis to give the reader a hint on what you are trying to explain.

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It is called an exclamatory sentence.

What do you call a sentence that shows a strong feeling?

You call it an exclamatory sentence.

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