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The twins' hands surrogated together perfectly.

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What is another words you can use instead of the word substitute in a sentence?

Try surrogate or replacement.

Surrogate in a sentence?

Since we couldn't have a baby. We decided to hire a surrogate mother.

What is a surrogate key and when should you use one?

A surrogate key is an artificial PK introduced by the designer with the purpose of simplifying the assignment of primary keys to tables. Use a Surrogate when you do not want or need the key to have business meaning.

Surrogate advertisement definition?

The definition for surrogate advertising is a form of advertising that is used to promote a banned product disguised as another product. Alcohol and cigarettes are items that use surrogate advertising.

If you have Antiphospholipid Syndrome and you are wanting to use a surrogate mother can you pass it on to the surrogate mother?

No, you cannot pass Antiphospholipid syndrome to a surrogate mother who is carrying your baby. You can pass it onto your unborn baby though.

What is the use of surrogate in GC?

The surrogate you put into your pre clean-up sample. It is at a known concentration, so that you will be able to calculate % recovery after the run.

What does surrogate mean?

A surrogate is someone who takes the place of another.

Is in vitro fertilization possible without surrogacy?

Absolutely! "Some people tend to confuse the term "surrogate." A true surrogate is a woman who not only carries the pregnancy for a couple but uses her own egg as the genetic material. In these cases the fetus is genetically linked to the surrogate." You do NOT have to use a surrogate for an IVF cycle. If you have a functional uterus and eggs but can't get pregnant due to other factors, you can use IVF to conceive and carry your own child.

What is the duration of The Surrogate Woman?

The duration of The Surrogate Woman is 1.67 hours.

What is the meaning of a surrogate?

The dictionary definition of Surrogate is substitute. A surrogate mother is a woman who has someone else's baby for them, in effect a woman who is a substitute for the mother.

Can you be a gestational surrogate if you have had your tubes tied?

Absolutely! If you are a gestational surrogate your eggs are not used.

Do you have to have one baby before you can be a surrogate mother?

Do you have to have a baby before you can be a surrogate mother

Looking for information on being a surrogate mother.?

There are many agencies you can work with to learn how to be a surrogate mother. The best agency I have found is Surrogate Mothers Inc.

What does surrogate shoppers mean?

A surrogate shopper could be someone who is shopping for some one else, rather than for themself. Surrogate can mean a replacement, or stand-in.

What are the different opinions about being a surrogate mother?

What are the different opinions about being a surrogate mather

What are the release dates for Surrogate - 2009?

Surrogate - 2009 was released on: USA: 2009

What are the advantages and disadvantages to go for surrogate mother any chance the baby can have surrogate monther's characteristics?

If the child is conceived using a Traditional Surrogate (where the surrogate uses her own eggs and the child is biologically related to her) then there the child can look like her. However, if a Gestational Surrogate is used (the eggs used belong to the intended mother, or an egg donor ) then there is no biological link between the surrogate and the child, therefore, no more chance of the child looking like the surrogate than any other child could.

Do you have to have your tubes untied to be a surrogate mother?

No, you do not have to have your tubes untied to become a surrogate. My partner and I, our surrogate has her tubes tied and we used an egg donor for the embryo. They are then transferred into the uterus after they are fertilized.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Surrogate - 1992?

The Surrogate - 1992 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

What is a surrogate son?

A surrogate son is one taken in as a replacement for a lost son. The surrogate may have no biological relationship to the parent, and the process may be less formal than adoption.

How often are surrogate mothers used in modern pregnancies?

Surrogate mothers are used more frequently in modern pregnancies than in contemporary births. Altough the percentage would be over fifty percent in modern pregnancies there are still a higher number of births altogether (when considering all types of birth) which do not use surrogate mothers.

What bird or birds use a female Carolina Wren as a surrogate mother for their eggs?

Brown-headed Cowbird

Can you harvest eggs if you still have ovaries but no uterus?

Possibly, but you would need a surrogate to use them. Talk to your OB/GYN.

Can a mother bunny be a surrogate for a baby rabbit if she does not currently have her own litter?

No, they need to be lactating to be a surrogate or foster mom.

are surrogate mother contracts permissable in New York?

surrogate mother contracts are permissible in state of New York.