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How do you use tape?

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sticky side down, unless you're working on something over head ,then and only then

face sticky side away from you.

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What would you use to measure around a basketball?

I would use a fabric tape measure.I would use a fabric tape measure.

Is it conidered Origami if you use tape or scissors?

It can be considered modern origami if you use scissors, but if you use tape the entire thing must be made of tape, like a tape rose.

What would you use to measure a diameter of a pizza?

You could use a ruler or a tape measure for thisYou could use a ruler or a tape measure.

Can you use tape in origami?

You can use tape, however it is not considered origami at that point.

Why was adhesive tape invented?

to have more tape to use

How do you dissolve tape adhesive from bathtub?

Use a solvent of the tape, or use Goof-Off.

What tape should you use on a lacrosse stick?

athletic tape

Do you use a weigh tape to weigh a goat?

No, you only use a weigh tape to weigh cheese

What is the best kind of tape to use?

It depends on what you want it for. An architect would use drafting tape; an electrician would use insulation tape; an office worker would use office tape; and there are many other tapes that are used for many reasons and purposes.

What type of glue do you use on gauze tape?

Gauze tape is not meant to be glued. Most sensible people use medical adhesive tape to secure it.

What kind of tape do you use to tape people up for the game human star but won't peel tape?

super duck tape

When do I use teflon plumbing tape?

When the local codes allow its use on the piping as some codes do restrict the use of tape

When making a thermos can you use masking tape or do you have to use duct tape?

i would say get duct tape because masking tape isn't as flexible nor as colorful also when you make your thurmust it will show bubbles in the tape! you can get duct tape at taget or even the dollar store

What tape should you use to tape your field hockey stick?

Use cloth tape to tape your field hockey stick. See related links, below, for more information on caring for your field hockey stick.

What kind of tape do football players use to tape their fingers during a game?

its just basic medical tape

How do you use Audio Tape in a sentence?

Audio Tape is not valid evidence in court. He recorded it all on Audio Tape.

Which fitting requires a the use of teflon tape?

Many fittings, except unions, require the use of teflon tape.

Can I use this tape drive in both PC and Mac systems?

You can use tape drives in both PCs and Macs.

Cassette player does not play tape?

If the cassette player does not play the tape, insert a different tape to see if that is the problem. If another tape does not play, use a can of air to clean the tape player.

What tape do you use to cover a piercing?

Medical tape or just a band aid.

What is the best tape to use to hang Christmas lights inside the house?

I use masking tape because it holds best.

What do you use if there is no tape?

Glue or double sided tape. It depends on what you are trying to stick together.

What is sounding tape?

its a kind of tape that is use in measuring the amount of liquid inside the tank.

What is theMeaning and the use of push pull tape rule?

push-pull tape rule

Can I use gorilla tape to patch small holes on muffler?

Would it work with tape

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