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Easy just go to any poke'mart and at the bottom,left of the counter is a piece of paper.Click:a on it then write "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"the lady will tell you mystery gift is unlocked.then save.You can restart by holding A,B,SELECT and START.After you will find "MYSTERY GIFT".:) then you need to have a wireless adapter Connected

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Q: How do you use the Mystery Gift option in Pokemon Emerald?
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What can you do once you have the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald?

You will need two wireless adapters. Then you should go to the option Wonder Gift on Mystery Gift. I don't know what to do from there, though.

Can you use mystery gift online in Pokemon emerald?

Yes actually you can use the mystery gift online in Emerald. Enjoy!

How can you get the mystic ticket without the Nintendo event?

wireless adapter, mystery gift option, and a person who has Pokemon emerald

What is the mystery gift in emerald?

a chicken pokemon

How do you get the mystery gift on Pokemon HeartGold?

The mystery gift option is already at your disposal. Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, you already have the mystery gift option. Before accessing your save file, just scroll down to the mystery gift option.

How do you get to islands 8 9 on Pokemon leaf green version?

use the mystery gift option use the mystery gift option

How do get the mystic ticket in Pokemon Emerald?

you need mystery gift.

How do you get mystery gift on Pokemon emerald without adapter?

You can't.

How do you use the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald wireless with a ds?


How do you get mystery gift in Pokemon Emerald without wireless adapter?

There is no way to get Mystery Gift without using the Wireless Adapter. Sadly, the events for Pokemon Emerald are expired and there will be no more events for this game.

Dawn stone Pokemon Emerald?

Dawn stones aren't available in Pokemon Emerald. Use Mystery Gift.

Where do you get the word 'gift' for mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

here it is link together with all

Where do you get mystery gift?

The mystery gift option is already available in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Before starting your save file, there is a menu option that says 'Mystery Gift'. It is already built into the game.

How can you remove mystery gift on Pokemon Platinum so you can migrate?

you don't do that you have a Pokemon game (emerald,Sapphire,ruby,etc.) and one option is migrate Pokemon from so called game

How do you get deoxes in Pokemon emerald without a mystery gift?

gameshark code

How do you get lugia on Pokemon emerald without cheats or mystery gift?

you can't.

What are 'wonder spots' in Pokemon Emerald?

During a Nintendo event Nintendo gives out mystery gifts if you bring your Pokemon emerald to the event with a wireless adapter and Nintendo is giving out a gift emerald can receive you can go to a wonder spot and choose mystery gift on your emerald to receive the special gift. But all Nintendo events for emerald have long since passed.

How do you get the mystery box in Pokemon Emerald?

You get the mystery box in pokemon Emerald by completing the Interview at the Pokemart. You must answer the interview with the words ' Link together with all.' Completing the interview correctly will grant you the mystery gift.

What does the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald do?

You get another game ruby,sapphire,emerald and use cables to link and use the mystery gift and u get the mystic ticket once u do tat

Can you get to birth island in Pokemon emerald?

yes, you either get there by mystery gift or cheats

How do you open the mystery gift on Pokemon emerald?

easy just get a wirless adapder

Can you get the mystery gift on Pokemon emerald with a link cable?

No only a wireless adapter.

Can you activate the mystery gift without wireless adapter in Pokemon emerald?


How do I access Mystery Gift in Pokemon Pearl?

You may only access Mystery Gift by attending an event where Pokémon are being given out and selecting the Mystery Gift option from your startup menu.

How tro get mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

you need to go into a pokemart and them a paper should be placed on the counter and write "link together with all" and then save, turn your gameboy or Nintendo off and then back on. you should get the mystery gift option on the main screen

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