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You need a wireless adapter then go on mystery gift and vs all these people and then yousee steven underwater and u see a pokeball click o the pokeball but steven says no i want that so you vs him after that you get Old sea chart. steven will have 100 gyardos 100 dragoite 100 megedross 100 somtin

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Q: How do you use the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon?
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What is the cheat for using a GameShark to get the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon?

You have to use a code for Mew.

How you catch mew in Pokemon Ruby?

You need old sea chart from a nintendo event to use the ferry to get it

What is the old sea chart?

the old sea chart is something you use to obtain mew You can find it by clicking on rocks and pot holes

How far in the game is mew in Pokemon Emerald?

you cannot aquire mew in Pokemon emerald unless you use a gameshark/action replay or obtain the old sea chart from a Nintendo event in America ( in real life ).if you have the old sea chart you can then travel to faraway island where you find mew.

Where is the old sea chart?

The Old Sea Map was a Nintendo event for Pokemon Emerald; however, this event has ended for years. You'll need to use the GameShark to get it if you still desire this item.

How do you get the Old Sea Chart on Pokemon Emerald for Game Boy SP?

first go to a Pokemon event an they will give you the old sea chart and went you get it go to the ship and she will tell you if you want to go to MEW and went she takes you to MEW and MEW will be at level 30 and use Master ball to catch MEW.

What is the gameshark cheat code for the old sea chart key item for Pokemon emerald for game boy advance?

use this code:82005274 0178

Where do you get the old sea chart?

Well actually there is a way without cheats,either you can use Nintendo event,or you can only get the old sea chart.I haven`t gotten the old sea chart yet but i use a gameshark.Good luck finding mew. hehe wow what a *****

How do you get the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald?

The Old Sea Map was an event-only item distributed during the Pokémon Festa event in Japan in 2005. It was never distributed on an international scale. In Japan, the Old Sea Chart was used to access Faraway Island where Mew was able to be caught in Emerald Version. The only way now to get it is to use a game shark.

How do you get the Deep Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald?

The only way to get it is to go to a live event or use an Action Replay or Gameshark.

How do you get to Faraway Island after you get the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon?

Okay, first of all I need 2 know what Pokemon game U are talking about.Second,if U are talking about Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow special Pikachu edition, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, or LeafGreen U can not get the Old Sea Chart on any of those games.And third, if U are talking about Pokemon Emerald then U can get it on that game.Also cant U guys just go on 2 2 figure out how to use it?

How do you get Mew to obey you in Pokemon?

If you caught Mew by using a cheat to make it appear as a wild pokemon, it won't obey you. If you have Pokemon Emerald, you can use the 'Old Sea Chart' to get Mew properly. Another way would be to use the 'Box 1 Slot 1' Mew cheat by using a Gameshark or Action Replay.

How do you transfer the old sea map in Pokemon emerald?

Use action replay DS for Pokemon Diamond

What is wonder spot in Pokemon emerald?

You meen mystery gift. Idk egsactly how to use it but I think it's so you can download stuff like the old sea chart. to get it put in a quesstionarre link together with all.

Where can you find a mew on sapphire?

you must acess the Nintendo event for the old sea chart or you can use a game shark.without them there is no way.

Where do you go to use the old sea map in Pokemon emerald?

Nowhere.Old sea map is only gift for you.I hear this.

How do you get the old sea chart on ruby under water?

You must ude Dive and use your Itemfinder and just search it.. or that's what I have heard

What is the code for the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon Emerald?

There only are 2 ways to get MEW 1. Get the Old Sea Map from a special Nintendo Event and board a ship form Lilycove City to Faraway Island. There you will find Mew (Event expired) 2.Use the Action Replay/Gameshark Code (E124B2B1 A46B45AB)

What is the cheat code to get the old sea chart in Pokemon emerald?

People say it is on with a Nintendo event but Ig ot and I got mewTWo okay You Have to get the Pokemon mounsuer wtch will not show up on your pokedex then use telekinetic and you will morph to someone who has had the Nintendo event or to someones secret base. then steal there bag witch will be at their secret base. and use it agin and you eill morph to the daycare at maulluville. Deposit Mounsuer turn the game go back turn the game back on then go to the PC and get your Pokemon out you will have every Pokemon plus the old sea chart and the eon ticket and mystic ticket will be itn the key items pocket and there you have 4 tickets and a completed pokedex. This does I did it with out any cheats and it work on any Pokemon game.

Where do you find Mewtwo the Sea Map and the Sea chart?

I don't no how to get the old sea map or chart but you must have fire or leaf In FireRed or LeafGreen, you have to beat the Elite Four before you can battle Mewtwo. You'll find it in the Cerulean Cave in the northwest corner of Cerulean City. You have to cross water, move boulders, and smash rocks, so bring Pokemon that can use Surf, Strength, and Rock Smash. Mewtwo is level 70.

Where do you find the old sea chart?

The Old Sea Map cannot be obtained during normal gameplay, for it was an Mystery Gift/Event item that has expired. You will need to use an Action Replay or GameShark with the correct code to obtain this item.

How do you get the 2 sea chart on Zelda phantom hourglass and how do you get to it and what floor is it on and how do you access itwhat do you need to get it?

To get the 2nd sea chart you need to go back to the Temple of the Ocean king: The sea chart is on the fourth floor ( which isn't cursed so no need to worry about the hourglass ) after you have retrived the sea chart use the blue light to go back to the enterance. Hope this helped :D Claudia

How do you use old rod?

You use the old rod to fish for water-type Pokemon in the sea, Lakes, or wherever there is a large amount of water otherwise; Talk to the Fisherman who gave you the Old Rod and he'll tell you how to use it.

How do you get mew in Pokemon Ruby and sapphire?

The only way to get Mew is to go to Faraway Island. You can go there if you have the Old Sea Chart. The normal way to obtain these items is to attend a NoA Event. You can also use an Action Replay/GAmeshark. NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event

How do you use braille in Pokemon?

U need a braille chart witch you get with Pokemon leaf green and fire red and it tells you what is what.