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Until you Purchase the Millionaire Island, You cannot use the boat in Harvest Moon D.S. And Harvest Moon D.S. Cute.

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Q: How do you use the boat in harvest moon ds cute?
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How do you activate the shearing cheat in Harvest Moon Cute?

This appears to have been corrected in the English version of Harvest Moon DS Cute. Sorry, but you cannot use the 'Shearing Cheat' In harvest Moon CD cute.

How do you use harvest moon ds cute ar code to change player name?

Nope i tried everything

How do we unlocked characters in harvest moon friends of mineral town in harvest moon cute if we use PC not Nd's?

You can't. You can get to see mineral town characters in town if you connect your GBA game in the gameboy game slot, while playing Harvest Moon, but that's it

How do you get first place in a contest in harvest moon DS cute?

In animals just have a animal that is very good. In the cooking contest use a highly recommended recipe.

How do you use the tools in harvest moon cute?

To use a tool go to your rucksack and drag the toll you want to use into the top box. Then simply press y to use it email the harvest moon ds expert at -- I promise it isn't a prank or joke if you have any questions you want a lot of detail on just email the expert!

How do you use cheats on harvest moon ds cute do you need to use Action Reply Codes?

you can't :( they were all "fixed" (but this site really helps:

In harvest moon ds cute where is the medicine to stop animals from dying?

You use your phone to call either the poultry or animal shops. You can purchase it from either of those places.

How do you use a makers shead on Harvest moon?

Please tell me how too use a makers shead on harvest moon. Because I want to make cheese!

Where is Karen's Store in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

Her store is in Mineral Town. There is no way to go to Mineral Town so you have to use the phone in your house to order items from her store.

How do you get more lp points in harvest moon ds cute?

you give them food they like or you can use a code. i forget the website that had the codes. sorry

How can you open present from the witch princess in harvest moon cute for ds?

Actually, the present you get from her is un-usable! It has no use what so ever! You can sell it for about, 10-20 gold but that's about it... -Jules

Where do you get the necklace in harvest moon cute ds?

Go to the Dig-site (the place Flora and Carter work in) and equip you Hoe. Use that to till the ground. If you are lucky you will find a piece of jewelry.