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Q: How do you use the cheat codes for Battlefield 1942?
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How do you use the cheat codes?

The cheat codes for what? There are tens of millions of games out there.

How do you use cheat codes on sapphire?

You should not use cheat codes. Cheating is against the game guidelines.

How do you use cheat codes for pixie hollow?

Would you cheat in school don't use cheat codes (if you have the real answer please feel free to post it)

How do you cheat on Warcraft?

you use cheat codes

How do you type cheat codes in on gta 4?

You use the phone to enter cheat codes, be aware though some cheat codes can effect your achievements.

Are there cheat codes in Pokemon platnium?

Yes. You can use action replay to get cheat codes.

What to do if you cant enter cheat codes in Need For Speed Underground 2?

if can't enter cheat codes children's who use cheat codes they can play simply

Legend of the dragon fist 1 cheat codes?

The cheat codes are hardhit cyborg shakey iamamaster worship imspecial moreblood noblocking masterthefist Those are all the cheat codes, do not use capitals or spaces.

Should you use a game pad or joystick on battlefield 1942 and battlefield Vietnam for PC?

Only when flying an airplane or helicopter.

How do you get 5 free master balls?

you can use cheat codes or get a friend with cheat codes to give you them.

What are some cheat codes for Mario Kart Wii?

to use cheat codes you have to softmod your wii

How do you use Xbox cheat codes on an Xbox 360?

you need to go the game that you have cheat codes for and just follow the intructions from the cheat

What is Monster High cheat codes?

They are codes that you can use for the game.

What are poison serpent's codes?

you have to use the cheat codes from

Mario Kart cheat codes?

There is no cheat codes for mario kart sadly, cause i would use them too.

Where do you enter cheat codes?

Depending on the game, you could enter cheat codes in various locations. For example, some games like Grand Theft Auto allow you to enter cheat codes after the game is loaded. However, other games use different methods to enter cheat codes; some use a specific "cheat code" menu, others a different way.

How do you use cheat codes in high noon?

Don't use cheat codes! But if you want to then hit options and then enter code :D Hope this help/Doesn't :/

How do use the parishiut in battlefield 1942?

Usually you click "9" if that does not work look in the Options.

How do you put in cheat codes for IMVU?

To use IMVU cheat codes, go to the 'Text Chat' and type in *use and then numbers 200 - 500

Counter strike 1.6 codes?

for you to activate the cheat codes type in the consol (`) sv_cheats 1 and then you can use all the cheat codes like god mod ect.

Are there any cheat codes for battlestations pacific?

yes if you use cheat engine

A cheat code for webkinz?

There are no cheat codes on Webkinz. If you use cheat programs they will shut your account down.

How do you use cheat codes in pet society?

It does not have it

Are there cheat codes to use in metroid prime?

no there is no cheat codes in metroid prime and none in any other metroid prime games either.

How do you get more cheat codes?

A good place to find cheat codes and secrets is a website i know called you can use it on probably everything