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I do not smoke. Both my parents died long, lingering deaths from smoking-related diseases.

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Q: How do you use the cigarette lighter on a 2002 passat?
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Where is the cigarette lighter for Toyota ist 2002 model located?

You will have to use the lighter in your pocket because the car does not have one.

Can you use a cigarette lighter to plug in a cell phone?

you can use the lighter output,but not the lighter itsself.

What size fuse is used for the cigarette lighter in a 2002 vw passat?

15 Amp Fuse (light Blue) I just replaced mine w a 10 Amp and it works.....for now. DONT USE A HIGHER AMP FUSE! On 2002, the fuse location is bottom portion of panel, 3rd column, 3rd fuse down

Is cigarette lighter live when not in use?

The socket is

What kind of fuel does the 2002 Volkswagen Passat use?

The 2002 Volkswagen Passat runs on premium unleaded (recommended).

Does a Honda Accord have to be cranked to use the cigarette lighter?

No, the engine does not have to be running for the cigarette lighter to work. The ingition key must be in the Accessory position (2 clicks) before the cigarette lighter will work. Hope this helped.

What do you light a cigarette with?

You can light a cigarette with almost any fire, but the intended item to use for this is called a cigarette lighter. Cigarette lighters may use lighter fluid or butane, and some are electric like those in cars or mounted on walls in older buildings.

How many volts in a 2002 volkswagen golf cigarette lighter?

All Volkswagen Golfs, Jettas, and Rabbits use a 12 volt ignition system. So their cigarette lighters operate off of 12 volts as well.

What does Buddy use to set his dad on fire?

fuel can and cigarette lighter.

12v outlet in a Mitsubishi Galant?

use the cigarette lighter as as a socket

How do you remove cigarette lighter on a Audi A4?

you need to use pliers to get it out

Which fuse does the cigarette lighter use in a 1997 Buick LeSabre?