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How do you use the dowsing machine poketch app on Pokemon Platinum?


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I am thinking you get it from the poketech company. correct me if i am wrong

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You get the Poketch Dowsing Machine from Rowan's assistant on Route 207 after getting the Bicycle. This is on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by the way...

The Dowsing Machine Poketch App can be obtained once you beat snowpoint City completely. After that, prof.rowan will come on a hover craft where they finaly destroy team galactic and they pick what app to get either the Dowsing Machine App or the water tracker app.

Go to the Poketch building in jubilife and you get it some where in there.

its not in the bag, its is located in the touchscreen part, where you can see the time, calculator just click the red button to scroll and go to downsing machine app, downsing machine is the one with large cross line.

use the dowsing machine poketch app to search the ground all around.

Your rival will give it to you sometime in the game.

You can either dig them up in the Undergound or you can find them on the ground all over Sinnoh by using the Dowsing App. on the Poketch.

Dawn gives you the Dowsing Machine app for Poketch when you're about to enter Mt. Coronet for the first time, after the second Gym, beating Team Galactic in Eterna City, and getting a Bicycle.

Dawn/Lucas gives it to you after you beat the cycling road.

use the Dowsing machine/itemfinder app on you're poketch.

use your poketch dowsing machine which is given to you by Lucas or Dawn

The Suite Key is northwest in front of the entrance to the beach of Route 213. You will need to use the Dowsing Machine Poketch App to find it.

There are 25 Poketch Apps in Pokemon Platinum, in order:Digital WatchCalculatorMemo PadPedometerPokemon ListFriendship CheckerDowsing MachineBerry SearcherDay Care CheckerPokemon HistoryCounterAnalog WatchMarking MarkLink SearcherCoin FlipMove TesterCalenderDot ArtistRouletteTrainer CounterKitchen TimerColor ChangerMatchup CheckerStop WatchAlarm Clock

Go and talk to the owner of poketch in poketch company's building he will install the marking map app in your poketch

first you must... take a deep breath *sigh* then calm down. Next go to gamefaqs.com and find the Drayano guide for platinum. You will find your answer there

the poketech company is in jubilife

go to jubilife city. go to poketch company. talk to purple shirted person

You beat different gyms then go talk to the people at the poketch company in jubilife city

How to get it:You get the dowsing maching app from Rowan's assistant on Route 207. How to use it:If you touch the touch screen and there is special stuff around, it will show you where. How to pick up items:You have to walk and stand in front of where it is and press the a button.

It is hidden in the wall at the end of a path, on the center left of the big room. You can also use the dowsing machine (poketch App) to help you find hidden items.

In Eterna City's Pokemon center. Talk to a woman in there and she will give you the poketch app- freindship checker.

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