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How do you use the elevator on sims 2 or how do you attach them?



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Um, yeah, I've had the same problem. Hopefully someone answers!

Sorry, not me. I've just managed to make two sims WooHoo there, but no idea. Maybe it's just a decoration. :)

I KNOW. You have to have 2 floors, you place one elevator downstairs and one directly above it on the second floor, must be on top. Then it should work, it did on mine anyway. Hope i helped!

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Alright, can answer this one. Drove be nuts, too. For every floor that you want the elevator to open, you use the elevator, NOT the shaft. Place the first one on the ground level, or whatever floor you want to start from. You have to have the floor placed, and the walls. Next level, build the walls, and place some flooring inside. Yeah, seems weird, I know, but you can't place it without floor. Then place that elevator. Same for each level. That's all there is to it. The shaft is ONLY for going past a floor where you don't want the elevator to stop. Basically, the elevator is the doors, and the game fills in the car or something like that. So, actual elevator for every level you want it to open, and that WILL work. Know what a pain this can be, so hope this answer finds people that need it!