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Easy. Just register the fishing rod then face water and press y


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if you play soul silver or heart gold go to Vermilion City and use a fishing rod hope i helped

you put a fish costume on and the fish rod and you'll get it

if its on pokemon soul silver, just use your super rod in violet city.

U can use a good or super rod. u will have better luck with the super rod. and if u cant find them, their at route 44. hope i helped

The best fishing rod to use is the Super Rod. It is more sturdy and will catch you more decent Pokemon.

If you go into the Dragon's Den and surf around, or use a Good Rod, you might get one.

get the sprayduck from golden rod flower shop and water it.

you get an only fishing rod during the heroes quest. you must talk to someone i port sarim (its been awhile for me) and get a vial of blamish snail oil. then you use the oil on a fishing rod, and now you have an oily fishing rod

You should use it to fish.

If your question is referring to fishing rods, then this is your answer: Nosepass cannot be caught by fishing rods,whether it is an old rod or super rod.

You wouldn't use a spinner for fly fishing. You can use a spinner to catch trout or other fish for which you would normally use a fly, but you do not use a spinner on a fly rod but on a spinning rod. Fishing regulations will often differentiate between fly fishing and spinning, some fishing areas may be fly fishing only.

you need to go to the safari zone and use a super rod with 20 water items in the swamp

trade it from diamond, pearl and platinum super rod around the middle of mt coronet use a certain rod to indacate what level you want it at hope i helped

To put a lure on your fishing rod, right click the lure and then click on your fishing rod. The lure should then be attached, and you can use the rod like you normally would.

use a fishing lineby using a fishing rod which goes in the water and catches them

If you mean bait for fishing, there is none. You just use the fishing rod.

To find a Poliwag in Soul Silver, just use your old rod in the water in the Ruins of Alph. The first time I put my rod in the water, I caught one! :)

PHh:get on your ship then select it

use your fishing rod on route 209

The Super Rod is the only Rod that you can use to encounter Feebas in Emerald.

You could use it like "He baited the fishing rod"

Commercial fishing uses drag nets and others use one "Long line" that has hooks. Recreational fishermen use fishing rod/reels, fly fishing, spear fishing and bow fishing.

If you mean Horsea, then use any rod in Whirl Islands or Seafoam Islands and you should be able to catch it eventually.

it doesnt really matter what rod you use but an old rod usually makes it easier to find but at a lower level.

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