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Usually you just punch in the code and it unlocks. Double check the right hinge in the trunk for the correct code and when you punch in the first number the pad should light up if not maybe no juice is going to it or the keypad itself is toast.

The keypad is divided into 5 separate pads with two numbers per pad, arranged 1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8,and9-0.these numbers are siameesed meaning 1 is the same as 2, 3and4 are the same, etc.say if your combination is 1234, then you would press the corresponding numbers, if your combo is 2233, then the same pads would be pushed. after the last number of your code is pressed, the driver door should unlock. to unlock the pass door, you press the second pad. then the trunk is unlocked by the third pad. to lock the doors, push the fourth and fifth pads down at the same time. this all has to be done in i believe 10 seconds of entering the code. Of course I should add that when you first press any button on the pad, the interior light should light and you should havekey pad illumination. If that doesnt occur, the problem may be electrical

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Unlock keypad code 1995 Lincoln Continental?

Usually the keypad code is located in the trunk of your car right on the bars that hold your trunk open

Can you unlock Nokia 6300?

If it refers to keypad unlock, then yes we can unlock 6300.

Unlock track phone?

Do you mean that when you press any button on your tracphone, that it gives you a message of 'Keypad is Locked' Or something of the sort? If so, then the standard key combination to unlock it is the left dash button on the top of your keypad, and the the asterisk (*) symbol.

How do you put the keypad to silent on a lg cookie?

Unlock Keypad -> Settings -> Profiles -> Silent -> Activate

How do you unlock the keypad of tablet PC?

get scizors, cut it

How do you unlock keypad in qmobile e950?

by sliding the cover of timer upwards until it close your e950 keypad will not be unlocked..........................

How on the 1994 Lincoln mark 8 do you unlock doors using external keypad?

If you don't know the code, open the trunk and the code is usually on the passenger side trunk hinge, punch the numbers in and walla the door should unlock.

How do you unlock the keypad on Grand Theft Auto?

pass the first mission

Unlock code for blackberry 8210?

You can unlock your Blackberry 8210 simply enter unlock code using Blackberry keypad. You can get unlock code for Blackberry 8210 using the link below

How do you remove auto keypad lock in nokia aisha 300?

One can turn the keypad lock on or off on a Nokia Aisha 300. To turn the lock on or off press the lock key and drag the lock key to unlock to unlock the phone.

How do you lock or unlock the blackberry curve 8520?

to lock the keypad you press the 'a' button. and to unlock you press the press the play/pause button :D:D

Can a 1996 ford explorer be started with the keyless entry keypad?

No , just to lock or unlock the doors

How do you unlock the keypad when you are ringing on the samsung tocco lite?

Press the lock button on the side and hold it

Can you unlock the passenger door with the keypad on Ford Explorer?

Press the 3/4 button within 5 seconds of unlocking the drivers door with the keypad and all other doors and the liftgate will unlock ( at least that's the way it is on my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT )

How do you reset security system 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe after battery replaced?

If it is like mine (99 tahoe) get close to the vehicle and hold down both top buttons on the keypad (if it's like mine, lock and unlock on top with rear underneath) and wait till the door locks lock/unlock. Then use the keypad like normal from there. If it is like mine (99 tahoe) get close to the vehicle and hold down both top buttons on the keypad (if it's like mine, lock and unlock on top with rear underneath) and wait till the door locks lock/unlock. Then use the keypad like normal from there.

How do you use the keypad to unlock a 1988 Lincoln mark Vii when you have the code do you?

If the keypad has power (lights up) just putting in the code will unlock the driver door, pressing the last key again will unlock the trunk (or perhaps it is always 5.), and pressing an additional key will unlock the passenger side door (Not sure which, perhaps 3 is the standard, it may vary.) If you don't have the code, check the struts of the trunk lid, the manufacturers were usually posting the code there with a label maker. (If no lights light up on the pinpad when you hit the buttons I'd start looking into if it's still wired in.)

How can you unlock your PDA phone keypad without using the touch screen or button?

push the pda up

2006 Nissan Maxima horn does not blow when alarm is set?

hold down the lock and unlock button on your keypad

How do you unlock my x1 Nokia?

i lose my nokia x1 mobile keypad lock code please tell me how can I open it.

How do you unlock the keypad on blackberry curve 8520?

You Can Only Use The Mute/Play/Pause Button For This, Or Hold Down The A Button

Can you open the rear glass with Keyless entry keypad 1996 ford explorer?

You can unlock all the doors , liftgate and glass using the keyless entry keypad , but to actually get the rear glass to open you have to turn the handle on the liftgate Enter your personal code or the factory code to unlock the drivers door and then push the 3/4 button within 5 seconds to unlock the other doors and liftgate

How are fingerprint keypad locks used in personal computers today?

Fingerprint keypad locks are used to keep personal computers private. Only the owner is able to turn on the computer by using their unique fingerprint to unlock the screen.

What is the unlock code to unlock polar bowler?


What is quest unlock in sims social?

something that you unlock

What word is a 6 letter word and contain a smaller word that will unlock a door?

keypad dickey hickey hockey monkey donkey

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