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How do you use the keypad to unlock a 1986 Lincoln Mark VII when you have the code do you press something in addition to the code?



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Usually you just punch in the code and it unlocks. Double check the right hinge in the trunk for the correct code and when you punch in the first number the pad should light up if not maybe no juice is going to it or the keypad itself is toast.

The keypad is divided into 5 separate pads with two numbers per pad, arranged 1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8,and9-0.these numbers are siameesed meaning 1 is the same as 2, 3and4 are the same, etc.say if your combination is 1234, then you would press the corresponding numbers, if your combo is 2233, then the same pads would be pushed. after the last number of your code is pressed, the driver door should unlock. to unlock the pass door, you press the second pad. then the trunk is unlocked by the third pad. to lock the doors, push the fourth and fifth pads down at the same time. this all has to be done in i believe 10 seconds of entering the code. Of course I should add that when you first press any button on the pad, the interior light should light and you should havekey pad illumination. If that doesnt occur, the problem may be electrical