Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you use the seal case in Pokemon pearl?

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Your PC (in the game)

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How do you use seals in Pokemon pearl?

you go to any PC then go to your PC then it says seals the assign a seal to your Pokemon

How do you get the seal bag in Pokemon diamond?

It is not possible to get the Seal Bag in Pokemon Diamond. The Seal Bag currently has no use and is likely something left over from development. It possibly used to have the same role as the Seal Case but got changed during development.

How do you apply a seal on pearl?

Use seals on the PC. From N.S.

How do you trade Pokemon from pearl to white?

You need to get the National Pokedex. Then use Poke Transfer. But you don't get the White Pokemon on Pearl. You can never get the Pearl Pokemon back to Pearl.

In Pokemon Pearl how do you clone Pokemon?

use actionreplay

How do you use pokeradar on Pokemon Pearl?

You use the Pokeradar in tall grass in Pokemon Pearl version. The grass will shake and show you the location of rarer Pokemon.

How do you use the mewthree cheat in Pokemon pearl?

Mewthree cannot be caught or cheated for in Pokemon Pearl.

How do you USE seal case in Pokemon platinum?

go to poke get on computer go to your box n it will say capsall you buy them at sunshore

Can you use the Pokemon GTS on Pokemon FireRed?

No. You will need to Migrate Pokemon to diamond or pearl to use it :)

How can you get a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to use cheat code.

Where do you see a manaphy in Pokemon Pearl?

you do not find one in Pokemon diamond/pearl. you have to transfer it from Pokemon ranger, or use the action replay.

How do you get Pokemon emerald to Pokemon pearl?

you use pal park to get emerald Pokemon to pearl bur you can't transfer them back to emerald

How do you use the all Pokemon cheat to choose which Pokemon you want to catch?

on Pokemon pearl and diamond get an action replay and use the Pokemon modifier cheat you can find the cheat and how to use it on this website on Pokemon pearl and diamond get an action replay and use the Pokemon modifier cheat you can find the cheat and how to use it on this website

How do you can use seal case on battle in platinum?

You can't.

How do you use your penpad on Pokemon pearl?

Press A

How do you get the Pokemon shaymin on Pokemon Pearl?

use action replay or gameshark

On which Pokemon can you use water stones in Pokemon pearl?

Eevee to get Vaporeon

How do you skip levels in Pokemon Pearl?

use rare candys on a Pokemon

Pokemon that can use defog in Pokemon Pearl?

some flying types

What Pokemon can learn sing in Pokemon pearl?

There are a lot of Pokemon that can use/learn sing.

How do you use the heart scale in Pokemon pearl?

you use it on move tutors to teach your Pokemon moves

How do you get bellosam in Pokemon Pearl?

to get bellossom in Pokemon pearl, first get a gloom. then use a sun stone on glooom and it will evolve to belossom.

Im having trouble finding a few Pokemon on Pokemon pearl what should you do?

you should get a Pokemon dimand and pearl cheat book in gamestop and use it to get all the Pokemon.

Which Pokemon do you use a leaf stone in pokemon pearl?

some Pokemon you use a leafstone on are nuzleaf, execute,gloom, and victrebell

What Pokemon can use surf on Pokemon Pearl?

You can use Pokemon like: Buizel, floatzel, gastrodon, and possibly finneon and lumineon