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How do you use the word edge in a sentence?


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You could say "Watch out! Be sure to Dodge the Edge of that Table, or you may Stub your Toe!"

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He lured them to the edge of the cliff by use of distraction.

Example sentence - The edge of the road was extremely close to the edge of the cliff.

The frog was hopping from one place to another.

A knife with a serrated edge will cut meat more easily.

The raiding party will strike from a position of concealment near the river's edge.

Understanding that "boonies" is a slang word, you would use it thus: "He said he lived 'at the edge of town', but when we got to his house, it wasn't at the edge of town - it was way out in the boonies".

When we got to the edge of the frozen lake, we built an igloo to protect us from the wind.

Walk to the edge and jump in the waterWalk and jump are both verbs.

I think you mean perilously (it contains the word peril and the word perilous): You set that pot perilously close to the edge of the stove.

The edge of his shirt was frayed.

i banged intot the dfgdhfsfgscb

Living life on the edge can have its rewards, but it's difficult to sustain.

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