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You can mentor me if you'd like

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Q: How do you use the word mentor in a sentence?
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Can you use a sentence using the word mentor?

the mentor mentored the student.

Use a sentence with the word mentor verb?


How do you use excellent mentor in a sentence?

My professor is an excellent mentor.

How can you use the word seek in sentence?

He decided to seek advice from a mentor before making a major decision.

Use a sentence with mentor in it?

She owed much of her professional success to he mentor, Professor Parks. For support, newly hired eductors are assigned an experienced mentor.

A sentence using the word observed?

The mentor observed his pupil as he struggled with the problem.

How do you use mentor and notoriety in a sentence?

I admired my grandmother, she was like a mentor to me.They are perhaps the world's most notoriouswild lions.

How do you use mentor in a sentence?

"Mentor" can be a noun or verb. The following sentences provide examples of its use:Noun: Sarah was my mentor that first year.Verb: Experienced staff members were expected to mentor the new employees.

What is a sentence for mentor?

he is a great Mentor. A mentor must be loved by students.

How do you use the word presumptuous in a sentence?

It was presumptuous of the boy to simply show up at the party without an invitation. The presumptuous squire had borrowed his mentor's suit of armor for the tournament.

What sentence can you write with the word mentor?

First, a mentor refers to someone (often an older person) who guides, advises, and provides encouragement (often to a younger person). It can be a noun (a mentor) or it can be a verb (to mentor someone). A sentence: The players thought that Mr. Davies was more than just their coach: they saw him as a mentor, someone they could turn to when they needed good advice.

How would you use a metophor in a sentence?

My old mentor often used the metaphor: "life is a journey."