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how can you use the word sneaky in a sentence

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Q: How do you use the word sneaky in a sentence?
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How do you use sneaky in a sentence?

The cat was very sneaky as it approached the moose.

How do you write a sentence with the word suspicious?

His sneaky behavior made me suspicious of him.

What is a sentence with the word Sneaky?

The cat was so sneaky.She was as sneaky as a ninja, but made a great crash when she dropped the cookie jar.

What is the suffix of sneaky?

The word "sneaky" does not have a suffix.

What is a metaphor for using the word sneaky?

he was a sneaky jackrabbit.

What is a metaphor sentence for sneaky?

One of the oldest is "sneaky like a fox". You could say "sneaky as the smartest con man".

What is a sentence for the word cat?

"My cat is very sneaky and mischievous." "A domestic cat has many of the instincts of a lion or tiger."

How to use surreptitiously in a sentence?

An example of a sentence on how to use surreptitiously is: "Tom was watching Mary surreptitiously as she waited in the hotel lobby. Surreptitiously simply means in a sneaky manner.

Is the English word 'sneaky' an adverb?

No, the English word sneaky is not an adverb. It instead serves as an adjective in a phrase or sentence since it does not describe or modify verbs, which is an adverbial function. The pronunciation will be "snee-kee" in the English of the United States of America.

Is sneaky an adjective?

yes, but it can also be a verb ex. dont be so sneaky (sneaky is a verb in that sentence, cuz the person is doing that) the sneaky fox decapitates a chicken (sneaky is an adjective because it describes what kind of fox)

How do you use the the word glare in a sentence?

How do you use the word glare in a sentence.

Use the word organism in a sentence?

Use the word organism in a sentence?

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