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i want learn how can i use the word wants in a sentence

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He will negotiate with the group about their wants and needs

she is really dogged about where she wants to go.

Snuggle is a verb. "He wants to snuggle with her."

The teacher wants to harass the little child.

This is Janis, she wants to become a dentist technician.

I have a job. She will have a new car tomorrow. He wants to have a date. We have already covered this.

My niece gets whatever she wants by whining, which is the definition of a spoiled child.

My mother wants me to put on a coat today because it is cold outside.

That kid is a rich snob, he gets anything and everything that he wants.

The little girl wants a snck to eat.

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Accumulate means to acquire or gather an increasing quantity of. A sample sentence is: "She wants to accumulate money to build her dream house".

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I can give an example. -Who can I bring to the party? -Whoever you want to. Whoever wants to go can go.

My husband wants to buy a Lexus, but I don't think we can afford a car of that calibre.

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