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How do you use the word wonderful range in a sentence?


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I often use a WONDERFUL RANGE of vocabulary when contemplating answering queries.


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Babies are wonderful gifts from God to cherish us.

He'll exult when he sees his wonderful grade.

He agreed, so did everyone, it was wonderful unamity

These worthy opponents have given us a wonderful exhibition.

An example sentence that uses the word 'mom's' is: My mom's a wonderful person. This sentence works because 'mom's' is the contraption for: mom is.

RANGE IS the diffrence between the greatest value data and the least value of data

I am improving this answer because the last answer was not appropriate. Here is a sentence with the word captivate: The painting at the auction captivated me by its wonderful technique and details.

There is a huge range of dwarf conifers that would be suitable.

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I have a wonderful energy drink!

This is such a wonderful glory.

My country is a wonderful place

The word whet is a verb that means to make sharp. The wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen served to whet David's appetite.

The Nile river has a wonderful floodplain, and the people that live there have no problems growing their crops. Hope that will help:)

He gave a wonderful speech at his inauguration.

I am very THANKFUL for my wonderful family

arazonia is a big part in the deserts wide open range or plateau

"There was a wide range of flavors (or non-US flavours)in the pie."

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