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This piano needs another tuning.

I am tuning into my second-most favorite radio station now.

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Q: How do you use tuning in a sentence?
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How do use template in a sentence?

This template just needs a little fine-tuning.

Can you give me the word tuning fork in a sentence?

I can say tuning fork.

What tuning does Five Finger Death Punch use?

The guitar tuning they use in their songs is standard B tuning.

How would you use the word tuning in a sentence?

I was tuning my guitar when i made a mistake/ my mother called me for lunch/ any sequence you want to make do with. etc: my guitar fell/ etc........

How do you use counterclockwise in a sentence?

In order to tune the base strings on a guitar, turn the tuning pegs in a counterclockwise direction.

Can you put valve oil on a tuning slide?

No, you shouldn't. Use tuning slide grease.

What tuning does Bullet for My Valentine use?

They use strictly Drop-C tuning on their album "The Poison" They use Down 1 Step/D Standard tuning on their Album "Scream, Aim Fire," with the exception of a couple of songs which use Drop-C tuning. These songs are "Hearts Burst Into Fire" and "Waking The Demon".

What is a sentence for preoccupied?

i didnt see the accident as I was precoccupied with tuning the car radio

What is a sentence using the word turning point?

A tuning point in my life was getting married.

Do you have to tune your guitar before you use it?

Tuning is really a choice. If you want to get the best sound out of your guitar, then I highly suggest tuning it.

How is a tuning fork made?

a tuning fork is made by.....use of a specific frequency.................. tht may match the frquency of.........a boy or a girl......

What tuning did Three Days Grace use for Break?

Three Days Grace used the tuning Drop D for their song Break.

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