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This piano needs another tuning.

I am tuning into my second-most favorite radio station now.

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Q: How do you use tuning in a sentence?
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How do use template in a sentence?

This template just needs a little fine-tuning.

Can you give me the word tuning fork in a sentence?

I can say tuning fork.

What tuning does Five Finger Death Punch use?

The guitar tuning they use in their songs is standard B tuning.

How would you use the word tuning in a sentence?

I was tuning my guitar when i made a mistake/ my mother called me for lunch/ any sequence you want to make do with. etc: my guitar fell/ etc........

How do you use counterclockwise in a sentence?

In order to tune the base strings on a guitar, turn the tuning pegs in a counterclockwise direction.

Can you put valve oil on a tuning slide?

No, you shouldn't. Use tuning slide grease.

What tuning does Bullet for My Valentine use?

They use strictly Drop-C tuning on their album "The Poison" They use Down 1 Step/D Standard tuning on their Album "Scream, Aim Fire," with the exception of a couple of songs which use Drop-C tuning. These songs are "Hearts Burst Into Fire" and "Waking The Demon".

What is a sentence for preoccupied?

i didnt see the accident as I was precoccupied with tuning the car radio

What is a sentence using the word turning point?

A tuning point in my life was getting married.

Do you have to tune your guitar before you use it?

Tuning is really a choice. If you want to get the best sound out of your guitar, then I highly suggest tuning it.

What kind of tuning does Synyster Gates use?

Synyster uses Drop D tuning I believe, which is DADGBe. Just drop the pitch of the sixth string from E to D if you're in standard tuning.

How is a tuning fork made?

a tuning fork is made by.....use of a specific frequency.................. tht may match the frquency of.........a boy or a girl......

What tuning did Three Days Grace use for Break?

Three Days Grace used the tuning Drop D for their song Break.

What tuning does the band lower definition use?

Drop C

What tuning for guitar does Du hast use?

drop d

What tuning does arsonist get all the girls use?

Drop C

What guitar tuning does asking Alexandria use?

drop c

How can you use a stroboscope to find the pitch of a tuning fork?


What tuning does pierce the veil primarily use?

they use drop c on most of there songs

Is tuning fork can be used for percussion?

Yes, it can. Some timpanists will use a tuning fork to tune the timpani, whether it be before or in the middle of a song. Another tool a timpanist will use is a pitch pipe.

How do you spell tuning?


Can you record midi in Drop D tuning with the You Rock midi-guitar or is it standard tuning only?

Theoretically, it is possible, since none of the strings are actually tuned. The tuning of each string evolves from the software. Currently none of the preset patches use drop tuning, however.

Is a drum tuned?

yes! the tuning rods(the screws around the drums metal rim) change the tuning of the drum depending on how loose or tight you turn them. There are tuning gauges that you can use as well, that measure drum head surface tension to set the tuning of a drum to a specific note/ sound.

What card do you use to turn your computer into a television?

television tuning card

What is a tuning pin on a piano?

I believe that the tuning pin is the little metal pin where the string is attached, which one needs to turn to adjust the tuning of the string. You use a special tool, called a "tuning hammer" for this (it's not actually any kind of hammer, it's more like a socket-headed wrench).